Walk Away Quotes For Him (Walk Away If He Continues Hurting You)

Walk Away Quotes For Him: Walking away is not the best option, I believe in dialogue. But, in a situation where he continues to make you feel worthless, then walking away becomes ultimate.

Walking away is not as easy as it may sound. It takes only the brave hearts to walk away from any place they feel they are no longer welcomed. So many people feel depress and even cry in the process of walking away from a toxic relationship or people who make them feel unwanted. Most people even remain in a bad relationship for so long enduring continuous emotional and in most cases, physical pains.

But, the truth is that there’s no need watering a dead flower. If it’s over, it’s over and all you have to do is move on. There’s no need flogging a dead horse.

Though the feelings can hurt, and in most cases you don’t feel strong enough to leave, always remember that walking away is not the real weakness, but remaining in a relationship that no longer exists in reality. My only advice to you is to make sure that you clearly evaluate what you really want before taking any rash decision.

Sometimes the other heart wants you to leave, but the other heart feels the pain more and still wants you to give it another try. Don’t be in a hast to make a rash decision, and don’t also feel too relaxed in a place where you’re no longer welcome. For all those who feel they can’t handle it anymore and have decided to walk away from a relationship or a situation and are strong enough to carry on, below are some walk away quotes.

Walk Away Quotes For Him

walk away quotes for him
Walk Away Quotes For Him.
  • One of the hardest decisions to make is deciding whether to just walk away or try harder.
  • Don’t be scared of losing anyone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.
  • If there’s nothing else to say again, lift your head up, smile and then walk away.
  • My dear, you’ve got this, all you have to do is start walking away from everything that keeps hurting you.
  • Goodbye is the saddest word I’ve ever heard. Goodbye for this is the last time I’ll ever hold you near.
  • If I don’t let you go, it will destroy me. I think I have to let you go before it becomes too late for me.
  • There’re certain things that goes wrong and they don’t always need to be put back together like the way there were before or even get fixed.
  • You can go through tough times while looking forward to better ones, so long you’ve got people who are always there for you.

I Choose To Walk Away Quotes

walk away quotes for him
Walk Away Quotes For Him
  • I’ve got no intentions of arguing with anybody I choose to walk away only because I want peace.
  • From the first time I loved you, you promised to protect and love me too. But now I know that with you, all I’ve got is pain, deep hurt, and betrayal. Now, I choose to walk away before it turns into hate.
  • When you can’t figure out where you stand with someone, then it’s time you stop standing and start walking.
  • I choose to walk away because I realize that you didn’t even need me in the first place.
  • Healing only comes when we choose to go on from darkness unto the brighter light.
  • Walk away whenever you have the chance to treat them the same way they treated.
  • In the process of letting go, you’ll lose so many things from the past, but you’ll always find yourself.
  • Letting go is to deliberately release all the emotions, images, the fears, the disappointments and clingings of the past that ends up binding our spirit.
  • As soon as you realize that you deserve a better and brighter future, then letting go of your dark past will be the best choice that you can ever make.

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

Walk Away Quotes For Him
Walk Away Quotes For Him
  • Always stay away from the ones you love too much, they are the ones that will kill you.
  • Please stay away from me… Everything you do still means a lot to me and I can’t stop loving you even when I know you don’t love me any more.
  • It takes so much courage to walk away from that person you love.
  • Don’t always stay close to people who make you feel you are hard to love.
  • If someone loves you, nothing will keep them away, but if they don’t want you anymore, nothing can make them stay.
  • Whenever you start thinking you deserve better… Just know you do.
  • Stay away from anyone who thinks you are always arguing every time you try to express yourself.
  • Don’t blame anyone for walking away if you didn’t do anything to make them stay.
  • Just because I’m strong enough to handle pains, doesn’t mean I deserve it.

Time To Walk Away Quotes

  • Sometimes it’s just over… It’s time to walk away and move on… No ugly words… No formal Goodbyes… Just no more.
  • That moment you think you need to prove your worth to someone, then that’s the time you absolutely need to walk away.
  • You don’t deserve to be hurt all the time. Now is the time to do what’s best for yourself.
  • Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want so you can find what you deserve.
  • When enough is enough, and you think it’s time to walk away, then walk away with your mind, body and all of your conscience.
  • Do you know what is maturity? It’s learning to walk away from situations and people that threaten your peace of mind, values, morals, self-respect, or self-worth.
  • When the time comes to walk away, leave quietly and don’t make any fuss.
  • A smart lady knows the perfect time to walk away. Leave classy and never regret anything.
  • She didn’t walk away, she only realized none of it was real and set herself free.

Watch Me Walk Away Quotes

Walk Away Quotes For Him

  • Those who are quick to walk away are those who have never intended to stay.
  • Know when enough is enough. If any man treats you poorly, it’s not your problem but theirs. Good people don’t go around treating others like that.
  • Letting go of what you thought was real is one of the hardest things to do in life.
  • I’m not afraid of living the truth anymore. I wouldn’t omit pieces of me just to make you comfortable.
  • I’m a strong woman and I wouldn’t sit down feeling sorry for myself or letting others mistreat me. Watch me walk away.
  • I’m not the type of lady that begs for what she wants… You either give what I deserve or you watch me walk away.
  • Watch me walk. Watch me walk away. Watch me walk over the flames. Watch me walk over your curses, In and out like it ain’t nothing.
  • She’s a strong cup of black coffee in a world that is drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love. She’s not afraid to walk away.
  • I am me and I’m not ready to change for you or anyone else. You either take me the way I am or watch me walk away.

Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away Quotes

walk away quotes for him
Walk Away Quotes For Him
  • Sometimes You Just Have To Walk Away and pray that you mean enough to someone that they reach out and pull you back into their life.
  • Sometimes you just have to walk away from some people, not because you don’t care, but because they are the ones who don’t.
  • Sometimes it’s only fine if you walk away from things that doesn’t align with you anymore.
  • Holding on to something that is good for you now may be the reason you don’t have something better yet.
  • Letting may seem easy, but rarely is it a one-time thing. You have to keep letting go until one day, you find out they are all gone for good.
  • Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.
  • Love yourself so much to always walk away from people who doesn’t love you enough for you to stay.
  • Sometimes you just have to let them know it’s done. You are not mad at them or upset. Just done.
  • Sometimes you’ve got to walk away from everyone’s life, not really because of them but your own good.

Walking Away From Negativity Quotes

Walk Away Quotes For Him
Walk Away Quotes For Him
  • Always walk away from everything that is negative around you. Make room for only positivity.
  • I’ve learnt to love the sound of my feet when walking away from things that weren’t meant for me.
  • The less you try to respond to negative persons, the more peace you will find in your life.
  • It’s a lot better to walk away than to keep putting up with nonsense.
  • Walk away from whatever brings you bad vibes. You don’t need to waste your energy trying to explain it or make sense of it. Do whatever makes you happy because it’s your life.
  • Be wise enough to know when to walk away from all the negativities around you.
  • Whatever doesn’t serve you, grow you, or make you happy, ensure that you respect yourself enough to walk away from them.
  • Permit yourself to always walk away from whatever gives you only bad vibes.
  • You will be so amazed at what happens when you let go of all the dramas and negativity. Your days become much easier, better, and longer.

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