Ukraine Girls WhatsApp number list for friendship

Today, we will be sharing top and latest Ukraine girls WhatsApp numbers list for guys who are interested in the Eastern Europe beauties, they are completely empowered and endowed with all the necessary natural girls features, starting from top to the last bottom.

Calmness and smartness might not be enough to describe Ukraine girls, their profile status are quite supernatural and much more attractive. You will find them suitable for yourself, but not until you are decisive and strong-willed to chat her up.

To get started, you really don’t need to travel or book the next flight to the European country, but you can easily begin that chatting, and friendship before serious relationship on your Whatsapp messenger app, that is available on your current Smarrtphone.

Ukraine Girls Whatsapp Number

Well, if you serious and determined, to get the latest Ukraine girls number for friendship, online chatting and online dating. As a guy, you are strictly advised to desist from camping thoughts from your mind, that has to do with destruction.


I am a calm, tender, feminine, honest, faithful, serious and devoted lady. I appreciate people smiling and their positive attitude. I dislike being around rude and impolite people for they are vexation to the spirit. I’m always open to new experiences and meeting new people. Communication is very important for me.

Name: Evgenia
Phone Number: +380996360195
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Interested: Boys / Guys / Men


I can also understand people without words just looking into their eyes. I believe that eyes reflect inner world. What can you see in my eyes? I’m fond of taking long walks, reading interesting books, listening to pleasant music that fits my mood, cooking different interesting dishes and making my home cozy. I’m also fond of traveling and observing different traditions and cultures. I love sea and it gives me positive energy and inspiration in life.
Name: Inna
Phone Number: +380680642017
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Interested: Boys / Guys / Men


I want to meet a caring, mature, kind, purposeful, intelligent, generous, sincere, reliable, supportive and serious man who is willing to create a happy and strong family. The biggest force is what you have inside and what you give to others. The world is so big, but I believe that you are somewhere near me even if we are separated by many miles from each other. Love doesn’t have any boundaries!
Name: Elena
Phone Number: +380 93-72-38-940
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Interested: Boys / Guys / Men

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Am smart, intelligent and attractive lady (and not only my son thinks so . I am opened for any experience in life and I love learning something new every day. I think that sense of humor is a good aid for happy relationships. I will answer your questions completely and honestly. The more we know – the more we love! I like sport: aerobics, badminton, cycling, hiking. I enjoy reading, traveling, socializing, going on picnics and barbecues.

I have noticed long ago that I prefer active and energetic men who have enough courage and strength to make his ambitions and dreams come true. I will always chose the interesting one if choosing between a handsome one and an interesting one.
Name: Alina
Phone Number: +380 67 711 6717
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Interested: Boys / Guys / Men

The above girl number are for friendship, if there is any other use of it, we are not associated with it. If your number is up there, don’t hesitate to use the comment box.

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Rules and Regulations

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