Top 30 Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes: Avoiding something doesn’t mean that you hate it. It could mean that you want it, but you just know that it isn’t right, at least at the moment. Avoiding someone you love can be very painful and I believe the feeling should be the same for everyone who is truly in love with the person you want to leave.

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes
Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

In most cases, some people go the extra miles like changing the place where they live for some time, just to see if the feelings can for their lover will reduce. Some even indulge in activities like reading, joining a sports or dance club just to ensure they limit the communication between them and their lover. Only a few mentally strong people with strong control for their emotions can be able to still feel okay even when they don’t indulge in too many activities.

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

It takes lots of courage to stay away from someone you love.

Love yourself enough to move away from anybody who doesn’t love you enough for you to stay.

Please stay away from me… Because every little thing you do still means a lot to me.

Stay away from anyone who makes you feel that loving you is hard.

There’s something about you that is so addicting. But, I have to go.

Whenever you start to wonder if you deserve better… Just know that you do.

You can decide to give them another chance, or just forgive them, and them go, and give yourself a better chance.

Stay away from those people you deeply love. Those are the people that will kill you.

True love is when the world ask you to stay away from that special person you love, but yet, you still decide to stay along.

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes
Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

Stay away from that person who makes you think you’re always arguing every time you try to express yourself.

Always stay away from anyone who can’t take responsibilities for their actions and always make you feel bad for being angry at them whenever they do something wrong to you.

Thank you for staying right by my side even when I tried pushing you away.

Relationship is all about trust. If you always play the detective role, then I think It’s time to move on.

Don’t be too troubled when I fight with you, you should be more worried when I don’t because it means there’s absolutely nothing left for us to fight for.

It takes two committed people to make a relationship work.

Whenever you care for someone more than they deserve, prepare to get hurt more than you deserve.

Just because I’m so strong enough to handle all the pains, doesn’t mean I deserve all the pains.

The moment everything changed was when I realized that I deserve so much better.

There’s a huge difference between someone is using you and when someone is needing you.

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The most painful part in a relationship is losing yourself in the process of loving someone deeply, and forgetting that you too is special.

I’m not leaving you because you made so many mistakes, I’m only leaving you because you make one mistake so many times.

I’ve got a thousand things to say to you, and ten thousand reasons not to.

You don’t really need anyone to complete you. You just need someone who accepts you completely.

If someone truly loves you, nothing will make them stay away from you, but if they don’t want you, then nothing will make them stay.

The worst feeling you get when you walking away from a toxic person that you love is that feeling that no matter how slowly you walk away from them, they will never run after you.

Many people would want to ride with you in an ASTON MARTIN, but what you need is someone who can take a bus with you when the ASTON MARTIN breaks down.

It’s not your job to fix everyone you meet. You’re not a rehab.

Life is much easier when you learn how to accept an apology that you never got.

Stay loyal, stay real, or you stay away.

Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes
Staying Away From Someone You Love Quotes

Don’t blame anyone for walking away when you wouldn’t do anything to make them stay.

If there ever comes a day when we may not be able to be together, I wish you keep me inside of your heart, and I’ll stay right there forever.


We are not in any form encouraging or championing relationship breakups. As a matter of fact, avoiding the one you love is not good, because you’re hurting your lover as well as hurting your own self. Most people fall into depression in the process of trying to avoid their lover.

But in a situation where you think it’s of the essence or inevitable to avoid your lover; reasons may be, you think the relationship is becoming toxic or has a negative effect on your health or whatever, then staying away from the one you love remains the best option.

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