Sickness Status (50+ Best Sick Status & Caption With Images)

Sickness Status: You will never fully know or appreciate the importance of your health until you become sick. Only then, your health becomes much more valuable just after you must have lost it.

Sickness is simply an illness or an unsound condition. Sickness doesn’t necessarily mean you must have just Diarrhea, Stomach Aches, or Headaches. People can be mentally sick in their minds. As a matter of fact, hating on others is an emotional disease.

Sickness Status

So, if you’re by any means feeling unwell, and maybe you’re searching for how to pass the information to your family, friends or followers that are both far and near, we’ve got your back. We have over fifty best sickness quotes that you can easily copy and post on your social media platform to keep your followers and family members informed on your current ill status. Enjoy!

Sickness Status

  • Sick of being so bad at being good.
  • Always being in a hurry is the modern sickness.
  • I was so close to death, and I felt his breath over me.
  • He’s so sick of always getting his hopes up for nothing.
  • I’m feeling so sick of this atmosphere.
  • Feeling sad and sick from the inside.
  • Your mind can either make you sick or heal you. It all depends on how you use it.
  • I’m tired and sick of being the only one trying.
  • My American dream is on a sick leave.
  • Just asking me “How Are You” was able to make the sickness of my heart cured.
  • Hospitals are amazing hotels for the sick people.
  • I’m dealing with lovesickness and now my heart is beating slow.
  • I don’t know why they call it morning sickness. But I’ve been sick all through the day and night.
  • I was thinking you were some sort of a superman, however now I realize that you’re human as well. Please get well soon.
  • Misandry or misogyny is not a belief or a status; it’s simply a sickness.
  • Googling symptoms when you don’t feel well is the surest way of convincing yourself that you’re dying.
  • If you don’t want to fall sick all the time, then drink water all the time.
  • Investing in your health is the best investment that you can ever make.
  • I don’t know if I’m liking your status just because you’re sick or I’m just supporting your sickness.
  • Life gives you opportunity, and opportunity gives you success, success gives you responsibility, and responsibility gives you so much pressure, so much pressure gives you stress, Stress in turn gives you sickness, Sickness then gives you time to think. Time to think gives you peace of mind. Peace of mind gives you life.

Sickness Caption

  • I’m currently on sick leave.
  • Fever is an expression of inner rage.
  • No matter how old I get, I’ll always want my mother to be by my side when I’m not feeling fine.
  • Whenever you’re sick, nobody actually takes care of you like your mum.
  • Sickness has no definition.
  • Recovering from my sickness so soon.
  • I’m tired and sick of acting like I feel don’t feel anything for you.
  • Laziness has so many disguises. Very soon “Winter doldrums” will become the “spring fever”
  • The human body resonates at the same frequency as Mother Earth.
  • Please pray for me, friends I am sick.
  • Being sick your body’s way of telling you it needs a break.
  • I would rather believe he’s sick instead of being evil and mean.
  • A sick girl at the hostel expected a call from her mom showing concern about her health; finally a call came but what she heard was “There’s no need coming home because you always bring problems to us.”
  • I may not be the perfect boyfriend but I’ll continue to hold you, cuddle with you, give you warm hugs and keep kissing you till you get better. Get well soon

I Feel Sick Status Updates For WhatsApp

  • I’m sick and tired of being the only one who cheers up people when they are sad.
  • HATING is an emotional disease. So, to all my haters, I hope you get well soon.
  • I’m sick and tired and tired of being sick and sick of being tired!
  • Whenever you think you’ve got a bad life then think of those who don’t got no home or even sick. Then how do really feel?
  • You may never know the real value of what you have until you lose it.
  • The worst thing that can happen to you is being sick during the summertime.
  • I feel so sick when I think of all the assignments, projects, and exam revision that I must have to do. Ugh… Someone, please shoot me.
  • Medicine is nothing but a golden goose that must be killed because every time this goose lays a golden egg, then someone gets dead or sick.
  • There’s absolutely nothing wrong in taking medicine whenever you are sick, the only that is wrong is taking medicine to cure another person’s headache.
  • The sick people are the ones who need a doctor and not the healthy ones.
  • If you are sick enough to think it, then you should be sick enough to say it as well as achieve it.
  • Being healthy is a golden crown that only the sick can see. The same crown the healthy ones take for granted.
  • Get well soon cards are now so humorous that if you’re healthy, then you’re already missing half the fun.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of someone who can easily say, “Dear, you make me feel sick.”
  • There’s no sickness designed by fate, but if it’s for age, then we can call on luck.
  • If your Kiss happens to be the medicine to all my sickness, then I’ll love to stay sick the whole of my life.
  • My bed felt kinda hot and warm. Kinda having fever so I decided to stay back home and cuddle with it.
  • Headache + Fever Still!!!
  • Please don’t disturb… I’m suffering from fever.
  • I might be crazy but you’re definitely stupid and not even medicine can fix that.

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