100+ Sad Love Messages To Make Her/Him Cry

To love or to fall in love is like walking down a long-distance road which you expect to lead you to your destination. It will be easy walking on plain land, but you will need more energy and patience to walk through the hilly part of the road, and as you continue journeying you will notice that the journey is taking more time and energy. Having journeyed a long distance you will need to take a good rest as you breathe in and out.

In this same manner, you would also feel like taking some time as you rest and also use words to express your emotions or feelings when you are on the journey of love.

Sad Love Message

sad love messages to make her cry

sad love messages to make him cry

sad love messages

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It is necessary to do just that because sometimes one may find himself or herself in a toxic relationship or things may not be working out well as planned. In order to express your emotion to that very person you are in love or were in love with, we carefully wrote this Sad Love Message to vent out your feelings.

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Sad Love Messages.

♥. I just want to use this message to vent out my feelings, I chose to love you and I gave you my heart and all of me not because you can have it, but I love and gave you my whole heart because I want to trust you with it. But sometimes things change and may not walk out as planned.

♥. The memory of a loving heart is hard to die when love has grown in it for a while, even though the ground may not be fertile to nurture it, but one thing is for sure it takes time to wither the memory of a loving heart.

♥. To a loving heart, love is precious and priceless, but to a player, love is a game of chance is either you lose or win.

♥. When you are not familiar with the game of love, you are seen as a novice on the losing side. Love is a game for people who don’t know the value of pure love or can’t give it back.

♥. To a player in the game of love, you can check in and check out any time and anyhow, unknowing to him or her how devasting it is to break someone’s heart when they are in love with you.

♥. Sometimes in life, we might sow our seed into the soil, labouring all day just to make it grow, but as time flies, we realize that you’ve sown on an unfertile ground, that’s exactly what happens when one gives his or her heart, time and effort to make a relationship work and at the end, it dies.

♥. They say “once bitten twice shy,” that’s what happens when you’ve been in a broken relationship, you will take calculated risks and as well watch your steps just to avoid repeating mistakes.

♥. To love is a wonderful experience, is like travelling in paradise, but sometimes no one knows the destination. It may lead us to paradise or drop us on deserted land, but whichever destination it leads to, we can say it’s a journey of love experience.

♥. There are times and seasons under planet earth; time to live and time to die, time to sow and time to reap, time to love and time to hate. Whichever time we may find ourselves, I think this is the time to sober and learn from the past.

♥. It’s an awful experience to be disliked by someone who once cherish and love you, it feels like being robbed by someone who saved you from a robbery attack.

♥. It’s hard to say goodbye on a journey that is filled with fun, but we have no choice but to say it as we get to our various destinations.

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♥. It’s hard to say goodbye when your heart is melting in love for someone, but as time flies the love you both shared is no longer flying in the air, rather is fainting on the ground. No matter how difficult it may be to say goodbye, sometimes you have to let go and let loose.

♥. Love is wicked to some people whose heart has been shattered and broken, as they refuse to fall in love again because of their past experience.

♥. To those who have found true love, love is sweeter than red wine. But whichever way we perceive love, love is like two sides of a coin.

♥. Sometimes we are in a relationship where we are not valued because we choose to relate simply with all our hearts, but the best decision is to walk away. Though it’s hard to say goodbye.

♥. A failed relationship is a painful lesson, but sometimes we gain from pain. Better not in a relationship than a toxic one.

♥. It is heartbreaking when you pour out your heart and love to someone who doesn’t care as much as you do. Love is sweet when it goes right, but when it keeps going wrong, you just have to walk away.

♥. I gave you my heart and the best of me, yet, it is heartbreaking that you have to end it this way you did. Remember I love you, even though you love me no more. Goodbye, my love.

♥. Is heartbreaking to be in love with someone who has a planned date to say goodbye to you, but is better to walk away than to be in love with a playboy.

♥. My heart was connected to you like a naked wire is connected to electricity, but you choose to disconnect it just like that. I’ve come to realize that love is sweet and sometimes bitter.

♥. Though sometimes we put our very best into loving our partner and in return they chose to break our heart by telling us is over.

♥. With patience and long-suffering, you can go through the road of love, but if you lack this virtue, you are likely to say it’s over and it is heartbreaking to the other. However, every journey has an end, some end well while some don’t.

♥. When the room of a relationship is occupied with hate, love has no space to live. Love is a healer in any relationship, but hate is the killer.

♥. It’s selfishness to be in love with someone who only remembers you when they are in need of something from you, but always pretends to be a genuine lover. Time is a revealer of true love.

♥. To be in love with a pretender is like seeing yourself in paradise in your dream, but waking up just to realize is a dream. A selfish mind pretends to be in love.

♥. My brain keeps the memory of me and you even as I try to delete them. Most especially the good times we share together, the hugs and kisses I still remember. Please get off my thinking.

♥. It’s painful to love someone who takes your heart for granted, but you keep loving them more and before you could know it, they have made up their mind to say it’s over.

Sad Love SMS Messages.

♥. Sometimes we have to leave a relationship where we are treated like a wound on the body. We leave, not because we aren’t cared for, but we leave in order not to cause more harm to ourselves.

♥. Being an Oliver Twist in a relationship can be normal, but the expectation of all moments in a relationship to be merry can wither it, as it becomes unbearable.

♥. It’s painful to end a relationship because of certain things, but to realize later you were with the very best person.

♥. Happiness is very important in every relationship, but being in a relationship where you are always sad than happy. I think letting go of that kind of love affair is a wise decision.

♥. In the beginning of a relationship, there is love, joy, peace, and understanding, but when the love affair lacks all this in its journey, we head towards the land of heartbreak, pains and tears.

♥. Sometimes in a relationship, you just like your partner for some reason, but you find it difficult to love them unconditionally as they love you.

♥. You came into my life and stayed for a long time and we grew in love, now the love has grown into a huge tree, but you chose to cut it down despite the painful experience am going through.

♥. Sorry is a magical word, it can heal the broken heart, but the sorry of a hypocrite in love is like carrying a lump of hot coal on a golden plate. No matter how attractive it may look, it will still burn the hand. The apologies of a pretender are hypocritical.

♥. The expectation of a better relationship can kill a good one, I’ve come to realize that sometimes, you need a little patience than trying one more, because in the process of trying you may lose the best.

♥. A relationship can collapse like a building when you build it on lots of promises, whereby keeping your partner’s expectations high for those promises to be met. Unfortunately, the relationship dies because of lots of unmet promises and expectations.

♥. Though we aren’t together as lovers, I still have the memory of me and you, my brain finds it difficult to wipe it off.

♥. It’s painful when you are about to live a relationship and your partner shows no concern.

♥. Falling in love with someone who loves you the way you are is amazing, but giving your heart to a partner who wants to mould you to their own satisfaction of how he or she thinks you should be is a red signal in a relationship.

♥. Acceptance is the #1 rule of a beautiful relationship. You never accepted me for who I am, but want me to change for you, while you won’t even change a dime for me. #Redflag #Heartbroken, #itsover.

♥. When you are in love with the right person is a blessing, but if you fall in love with someone who doesn’t appreciate your love is a lesson that builds our experience.

♥. In this journey of Love, there should also be room for mutual respect for one another, if that is lacking the relationship might not be as enjoyable as it should.

♥. Loving your partner so much is okay, but letting the love you have for them derail you from loving yourself is not right. You have to rethink because it’s better to love your partner as yourself. Unless you might make the mistake of loving someone so much to the extent that they might want to avoid you.

♥. It’s painful when you think you are in a relationship with someone who truly loves you, not knowing that they don’t care about you, but only care for what you bring to the relationship.

♥. Any loving heart will just fall in love and value it when they are with that special one. Love is not to be forced into a relationship.

♥. It’s unbelievable to fall in love with a selfish partner, you give all of you to the relationship, and they take all without doing the same, but instead, they keep Oliver Twisting.

♥. If the focal point of falling in love is to become everything to your partner, no matter how hard you try they never attempt to reciprocate the same to you. Now you have come to the realization that they were just the receivers of love, while you were just like a sacrificial lamb to them.

♥. We might make the mistake of falling in love with someone who doesn’t care how sweet and beautiful to be in love is, rather they tend to forget all and they say goodbye. Remember sometimes you have to say goodbye, allow the old wound to heal and avoid scratching it.

♥. When you sow true love, you will reap true love, but fake love bears no good fruit.

♥. Returning to someone who has broken your heart, is just like a dog returning to its vomit. Humans don’t do that.

♥. It’s a waste of time and energy to fall in love with someone who doesn’t care about you no matter how you try to convince them. You can try another who cares and values true love.

Sad Love Message to Make Him Cry.

♠. Don’t hesitate to love yourself, despite how you have been ill-treated in a relationship, because only you can love yourself better.

♠. It’s painful and disappointing to be disliked by the one you love so much, even when you try to please them, they act like you do not exist in their space.

♠. Curiosity to fall in love can lead to loving a pretender who when you think you’ve won his or her heart, will just break it and leave you lonely.

♠. Real lovers won’t want to see or make their lovers cry. Better look out for someone who will care for you, and not the one that will make you cry.

♠. Like a child wants to be cuddled by the same person that makes him or her cry, so the heart of a lover longs to be cuddled by the same person who breaks his or her heart. But the pain lingers when they don’t actually care about how you feel.

♠. Our minds can take us back to the old days which we don’t want to remember again. We feel sober memorizing the good times we share with our ex-lover.

♠. It’s disappointing being just a friend to your crush, though he relates well with you, you wanted more than just friendship.

♠. Everyone crushes on someone, but sometimes the person we crush on may not even be aware of it, and they tend not to show concern thereby making us feel like we are not important. Despite that, we still find it difficult to forget them.

♠. Growing up as a child we want to become an adult someday, but here we are as an adult wishing we are kids with memories free of broken relationships.

♠. Sometimes, we undervalue the people in our life, but when we realize later how important they are to us, they may likely not be around us or close to us again.

♠. In a relationship, some people do not care how devastating it might be to break someone’s heart, they take decisions without looking or going back. And no matter how hard we try looking forward to a brighter day, we are likely to end up, going back to them to make matters worst.

♠. Sometimes you fall in love with someone who you gave all of you, but instead of them reciprocating the feelings, they focus only on your weakness as they turn their back on you for another lover.

♠. Mistakes are meant to be learned from, and not to be repeated. Therefore, give not your heart to a playboy, rather learn from your past and make a better decision towards finding a sincere lover that will love you for who you are.

♠. To fall in love with the right person is not so easy, you’ve got to look out carefully for that right person because lilies grow among thorns.

♠. Sometimes, it is much easier going through the pains of a broken leg or hand than the pains of heartbreak, because the broken leg or hand can be healed in no distance time compared to a broken heart that lives us for a long period of time.

♠. You’ve found that special one in our life, but in trying to make him fit better to our standard, we lose them. Only for you to realize the very best person is out of our life.

♠. When you find that special one you have to hold on to them, because if they live for a while and come back again, they might not be the same person they used to be.

♠. It’s heartbreaking telling someone you love them, and they don’t reciprocate, but it’s much more regretful and worst to love someone and you don’t have the courage to let them know.

♠. Choosing to hide your feelings for someone, but you are always wishing he or she could be your lover, but when you see them in another relationship you feel sad and can’t tell your feelings. Anyway, it doesn’t make any sense to tell them now.

♠. When you are no longer with someone you have bonds with, you feel like forgetting the experience, but the more you try, the memory refuses to go, as it keeps on taking you back to the time when everywhere was rosy.

♠. Breaking up in a gentle manner is normal, it is a bit more painful when you are even dumped, but dumping someone in a relationship and seeing how fast they move on as if nothing happened is devastating when you realize later that the person you dumped is the very best.

♠. Tears sometimes expose your feelings even when you try to hide your pain and keep a fake smile just to make others happy.

♠. Remember the happy moments in your mind and forget the pain, because happiness yields positive results. Don’t hold unto the past, because it only comes with regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

♠. To crush on someone gives us a sweet emotional feeling, a night full of dreams of “would be” and “What if” scenarios. Most of us got our first heartbreak seeing our crush fall in love with someone else.

♠. Just like a broken bottle cannot be recovered to its previous state without a crack. It’s the same as a broken heart and a relationship. Both cannot be fixed to their previous state without a crack too.

♠. Love is not enforceable, is either someone loves you or they don’t. it’s heartbreaking when the person you love so much chose not to love you back, instead, he or she chooses to make you cry.

Sad Love SMS Messages to Make Her Cry.

♦. We find it so difficult to love or trust someone again when we are betrayed by the person who we gave our entire heart and love. Coming back from such a relationship most times, leaves us with a scar so big, that it’s hard to fall in love again.

♦. Despite what we face or come through in life, we can still go through life with the knowledge gathered from the past. Even when our heart is broken, we still can find strength as we draw back to the experiences.

♦. Growing up so innocent, life dealt me a heavy blow, love taught me a painful lesson because I was so curious to know about it. Love is wicked, but without Love, the world is void.

♦. Love offered me sadness at breakfast, pain as lunch, then a broken heart as dinner. But now I’ve grown and have become a master in this game of love and I promise to show no mercy.

♦. I was so foolish in love that I love no matter how bad I was being treated, and the more I try to make a relationship work, the more I heart broken I got.

♦. I trusted the one I love, but my trust was taken for foolishness, even as I try to love no more, I still fall for love. I think there’s a faulty part of me that loves hard, no matter how hard I tried NOT to.

♦. It’s interesting like a comedy movie when you are a beginner in love, but as you get interested to watch the full movie, then love ends with tragedy living you in tears. But the experience we get is a lesson that will carry us far in life.

♦. All that glitters is not gold, as all that says I love you doesn’t truly love us enough to go through the tough time with us. Love is a respecter of no man. Hope I get it right the next time.

♦. Most times when falling in love, we choose to follow the glittering faces and noises in their pockets, instead of looking out for true love from a pure heart.

♦. Getting the first heartbreak from your first lover leaves us with an everlasting experience and a decision, never to trust anyone with our hearts again.

♦. One day in our life after all our experiences in love, we would come to realize that there is a special one who fits to be called our lover and without much argument, we would run back to that person.

♦. Sometimes in life, we are confused whether to start, continue or even end a relationship. However, our hearts might be pondering, we are just left with only one decision to make.

♦. It’s like you are left alone in the wilderness, when you entrust your heart to someone and before you could say jack they left to be seen nowhere, leaving your heart with lots of pain and injury that might take a while to heal.

♦. Being in a relationship with the wrong person is like walking the same path as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, and when they are done with one, they look for another who will fall into their trap.

♦. Everyone deserves to be respected, but to fall in love with someone who doesn’t have respect for us is not worth it, you rather walk out of that relationship for the sake of self-respect.

♦. Our heart chooses whom to fall in love with and we can’t say for sure that it can make the very best decision in choosing the right person to love.

♦. No one can feel the pain of another like the main person who feels the pain until we find ourselves in that kind of situation, then we can actually know what the other person has gone through.

♦. We must learn to let go of our painful experience in love because sometimes, love does not last forever as some other things in life does not last forever.

♦. Whatever we do here on earth we will surely reap it, if you break someone’s heart you will certainly reap it from another.

♦. Even though it’s difficult to let go of that special person who you love, you can’t force love on someone, just keep your heart open for true love, someone who knows the value of true love and has a pure heart will surely find you.

♦. When you are in love with someone don’t hesitate to let them know, because a sincere word from a loving heart to someone who you truly love can serve as a gift to him or her

♦. Wishing to fall in love sometimes can be sweeter than being in love because there’s no heartbreak in just wishing.

♦. It’s hard sometimes to live a day without the companion of that person whom our heart beats for, and it gets worst when you have to continue living without them.

♦. To fall in love is sweet and simple, but most times we find it difficult to let go of that person we truly love from the bottom of our heart, because letting them go is a very strong decision to take, each time we try, we always recall the good times we share together.

♦. Do not shut the doors of your heart from love, it’s obvious that heartbreak experiences are very painful, but trust me, you’ll meet someone who loves you, respect you and cherish every moment with you.

♦. You will come across people who love with a pure heart. Don’t judge them based on your previous relationships. Remember this, do not let what happens to you, get into you, rather capitalize on that previous experience and use it as a barometer to differentiate between a true and fake lover.

♦. Is most likely impossible not to fall in love with something or someone, and it’s confusing when you know you should let go, but you keep holding unto love. Believing that there’s a better tomorrow.

♦. You feel like the world is over to see someone you love with another lover, you try your best to get back your lover, but to no avail, rather you are left with no option but to carry on with life.

♦. Sometimes you feel like you could harden your heart and forget about your ex just as they are doing to you, rather you find it difficult to pay them back in their own coin even when they never care about you anymore.


So far, we have carefully written these Sad Love Messages to help vent out your emotions to that very person with whom you are or were in love.

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