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Are you searching for the latest Russian Girl WhatsApp Number for online chatting, fun and relationship? Don’t worry, we go you covered. The below girls phone numbers are really the best numbers of Russian girls, and trust me, you won’t believe how educated, beautiful and elegant they are.

It is no longer news that girls are looking for numbers of men and boys, while the real reason of displaying girls phone number on this page, is to keep guys busy for friendship. If you are into Russian girls, then here is full number list.

Whatsapp messenger seems to be the only way to easily chat with girls, but they are other intriguing platform of communications, SMS, calling and even Video calling. If you are ready for Russian girls numbers list, then lets begin the comprehensive list:

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Russian Girls Whatsapp Number

Obviously, Russia tends to be the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Well, apart from this natural and God-given free work of nature, the country is also bumped with bunch of beautiful girls.


Alla is 32 years old from Poltava, she believes in this world people meet not by accident – we always attract something that we have in ourselves. It would be nice if my special man will be active and optimistic, kind and with a good sense of humor. I also need someone who will be reliable and serious towards me and my daughter. I need a man of the word – someone who knows what he wants and achieves goals. I need someone who will enter my life and take all my cares away. In return I will give him all my love and care, I will give him all my life.

How would I describe myself

I am the lady who loves harmony in everything – at home, at work and in relationships with others. I believe in understanding and support, kindness and honesty with each other. I am ready to love and be loved, I want to give all my care to one special man.

About my family

I was born in Kharkiv and then moved to Poltava. My parents divorced some time ago but we still remain in good relationships. Especially close relationships I have with my mom – we support each other as much as we can. I am the only child in my family. My greatest wish is that my daughter would have mom and dad, I want her to be surrounded by love and care.

My future goals are

I would like to create family and become happy woman. I have a small daughter and she needs a good father. I will do my best to rise her as a good person, someone I can be proud of. This is my main goal. Besides, I would also like to become successful in my work. I want to be good in what I do, I want to help people and know that I can make their life easier in some way.

Domestic abilities

I like to clean my house and make it tidy. I like to cook, but it would be nice if my man could also surprise me with something special. I am convinced that in a family everything should be done in accordance with each other – if you can`t do something I will help and visa versa. The main thing is support and desire to help. With that every day routine can be turned into exciting family life.

What I do in my leisure time?

Leisure time is very special for me. I try to spend it with my daughter as I want her to know that life is wonderful every single day, every morning and every minute. I also like to spend time with my friends – we go to the movie, cook different things and go shopping. I enjoy dancing much! This is my hobby and an integral part of my life. Shall we dance? 🙂

My typical day

I like to wake up early in the morning and start my day with a nice cup of coffee. Just imagine the smell of it all over the house – it brings me the feeling of comfort. I make breakfast for me and my daughter, help her to pack things to school. Then I go to work and finish the day in the gym. If the weather is good I like to go for a walk with daughter or with my friends.

Are you interested in Alla? Then drop your phone numbers on the below comment box and we will get to you on how you can easily reach her. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait, then you pick any of the below Russian girl and begin your journey into fun chat and many more.

Russian girl whatsapp number

Russian Girls Number for Friendship

*. Elena: +7 (963) 176-94-6
*. Irina: +7 963 176-94-6
*. Anastasia: +7 (952) 885-95-2
*. Ekaterina +7 (926) 272-89-87
*. Maria: +7 (966) 062-19-75
*. Svetlana: +7 (913) 387-45-48

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