One Sentence To Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

If asked what is the one sentence to make a guy fall in love with you, most people would be confused, because getting someone to fall in love with you isn’t magical, automatic, or controlled spiritually.

Don’t think it is impossible yet, because We actually have an answer to this question of “one sentence to make a guy fall in love with you“. What I am actually doing here is this, I will be sharing with you, 9 Short magical sentences that make every man fall in love with you deeper.

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The first thing you need to understand is this, Men love compliments. I know men always compliment women, but sadly, it’s hardly reciprocated to them, and a man hardly forgets a face that compliments him.

Complimenting a man certainly will give him the feeling of being respected, valued, and needed. Compliments raise the self-esteem of a man and make him feel satisfied.

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one sentence to make a guy fall in love with you

Today, I will be answering this question of what you can tell a man that he wants to hear. For ladies who want a man to be madly in love with you, you have to get close to him emotionally. Instead of referring to the logical realm of his mind, focus on the emotional one. How to do it? How does this work?

Here are a few samples that can work perfectly!

One Sentence To Make a Guy Fall in Love With You.

1. I am Proud of You.

You can never go wrong with appreciating a man or praising him for doing something right. Yes, compliment him!

Men in this generation rarely get the compliment they deserve. Even if they do a lot of positive things every day, society labels them bad, and sometimes, the ladies always expect more, which is why a higher percentage of men refuse to marry, because they feel it’s a cage where they can’t be free.

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It’s not just women who need to feel valued, then is a need in men to be valued too, but they hardly voice it out. To make a guy fall in love with you, one of the best sentences to use is “complimenting him, praising him” etc. Tell him how wonderful he is. Express it with these simple words, and he will certainly reward your feelings.

2. I Want You NOW!

If you ask 100 guys, there’s a high probability that 90% of guys will say that the worst se*ual experience is when the woman does not express any emotion or when her dissatisfaction and indifference are evident. Telling a guy you want him is like a boost to his ego, and he’ll feel good having you around because he knows you want him.

Most guys can’t deal with rejections or deal with being in a relationship with a lady who is not satisfied.

3. Because of You, I feel so Happy.

When a guy makes you happy, can easily make you smile or laugh, please don’t hesitate to tell him, or be afraid of telling him. For a mature man, making his woman happy is really key to having a happy home. Do you think that when you tell him, he will rest on his laurels? I don’t think there’s a notion more wrong than this.

If you tell a guy he’s funny, one thing this does to him is this: He becomes free with you, gist with you, shares jokes, and will want to generally make you happy. He will try even more.

Are you dating, or know a guy who cooks well? Or a guy that plays the guitar beautifully? Regardless of what he is good at, say that you appreciate his skills and efforts and that you appreciate him doing it. Praise him and his talent, show that you see his uniqueness. It raises the sense of self-worth and at the same time, goes to show him what you love about him.

4. You look Wonderful.

If women know how much a guy values their perspective in fashion, the power they wield, it would be dangerous. This is by far, one of the easiest sentence to make a guy fall in love with you.

It is not only women who dress beautifully and needs compliment, men do need it too. Ladies should know that guys also need confirmation of their attractiveness. Complementing a guy on his look, dress sense, etc will boost his confidence and if you’re observant enough, you will notice a significant amount of change in his behavior that day.

Telling him he looks wonderful will increase his confidence and masculinity, and … they repay it because it is not something they hear always.

Here, I am not just talking about compliments, but about sharing honest feelings. Sometimes, a guy can feel somewhat pressured and overwhelmed, which they hardly share or complain to you.

5. I Trust You.

I have been with guys, and contrary to the opinion that all they discuss center around girls, yes it is true, but most times, they do feel pressured and overwhelmed to succeed, provide for their family, get married, have enough money saved for their kids, house, etc.

If you know when he is going through this phase, simply sending a text that reads “I Trust You” will let him know that you will be waiting for him, regardless of the situation, and that you understand what he is going through.

6. I Respect You.

Even after having a huge fight or quarrel, just like all normal relationship goes through, sending a text to you guy and saying “I respect you” goes to show him that even if you totally disagree with his opinion, you respect him as a person, and he shouldn’t forget that.

Telling your partner I respect you implies that you are not taking him for granted, this sentence alone will make him fall in love with you even more.

7. Only With You I Feel Safe.

Except for a few guys who I am yet to come across, a Man is molded by society to protect his girl, and he believes that he should always protect his woman. Telling him that you ONLY FEEL SAFE WITH HIM will boost his confidence as a man, and make him respect you more because he knows he’s doing something right with you.

Men knows that security is a basic need for women in a relationship, so they try to provide protection for women on every level they can think of. If a man defends his beloved, he is considered as a man, strong and courageous.

Honestly speaking, one of the easiest ways to get a guy is by complimenting his strength, his courage, and muscularity.

8. You are so Masculine.

Any woman who has being with a man that loves her knows that men loves to feel like a superhero, yes, same characteristics of a little boy. Especially in your eyes. Do tell him that he’s your world, and that he is brave, smart and handsome.

What you are actually doing here is telling him that  you believe in him, and his capability to handle everything is very important to him. However, in situations like this, timing is very important.

You have to say this at the right time, eg. in the bedroom or when he is repairing the TV, or working anything around the house. Because if you say it when he’s washing dishes, he’ll think you’re joking or laughing at him.

9. What Would I Do Without You?

What would I do without you“? Here is another sentence to tell a guy and make him fall in love with you.

Complimenting him with words like these will tell him that you are happy with him and that there is no one else who can make you feel complete or do what he does for you and with you. There is nothing more valuable to a man than knowing that he is irreplaceable to a woman.

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