Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends

Yes, Christmas is here again! Everyone loves Christmas, everyone enjoys Christmas yuletide periods, and everyone celebrates Christmas.

In the same vein, we all love to share a lot of Christmas messages, Merry Christmas wishes, Merry Christmas Facebook status, Christmas greetings, and even Christmas images to our friends, families, lovers, and well-wishers.

It is no longer a secret that people love expressing their feelings through posts on different social apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They see these media apps as a perfect avenue to unleash their expressions and reach out to so many people they wish to, without the headache and troubles of numerous phone calls and text messages.

merry Christmas wishes for friends

Most times, they get confused along the line and short of words that will perfectly express how they feel and how to disperse it as quotes and statuses to enable people to understand them better. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry, for we got you covered on that very part. We are here to serve your interest, hence we have compiled a list of numerous Christmas quotes and statuses for any feelings you wish to express this Christmas, be it as greetings or wishes.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends.

  1. Keep yourself delighted with an excellent Christmas. T’is a harmonious event that mirrors your wants, ethics, and beliefs.
  2. Do not be afraid if you suddenly get kidnapped and you happen to find yourself in a bag. It is all planned. I requested from Santa Clause a gift of ‘YOU’ for my Christmas.
  3. It will gladden my heart to see the various pleasant mystics of Christmas connive to occupy your heart and give it all the pleasures you seek.
  4. It is true that Christmas comes annually. It is also true that my love comes only once in a lifetime.
  5. It is my desire that the spirit of Christmas is locked up in jars, so we can open each of the jars every month, rather than annually.
  6. The beauty of Christmas is so wonderful and amazing to us. Nevertheless, the most appealing part of it is the opportunity it gives us to share the feelings that occupy our lives.
  7. I pray for the peace and hope of Christ’s birth to remain with you at all times.
  8. I can’t imagine I have been patient for over 364 days for Christmas. Behold, here it is.
  9. If you know you were part of the reasons I had an unforgettable year, borrow me your pictures so that Santa could know the exact gift I desire for Christmas. Happy Christmas!
  10. I wish that every moment of your life will be colorful and joyous, just like the white Christmas card I write. Merry Christmas.
  11. The most wonderful part of Christmas is its role in making the universe connive to bring feelings and love.
  12. Christmas brings several goodwills, including, the ability to tolerate rivals, forgive foes, return the show of affection from friends, live an exemplary life, trade good products, be kind to everyone and live a respectful life.
  13. Christmas is a perfect season to have your hearts occupied with beautiful things, cakes, candies, wonderful songs, and immerse yourselves with beautiful snow. Merry Christmas!
  14. I pray that this moment is filled with numerous amounts of laughter and happiness, and that will be a joy to behold. Merry Christmas!
  15. Love begat Christmas. Christmas begat love. Christmas provides extra opportunities for embrace and snuggle. Opportunities to share the experience with your children, friends, and others.
  16. Wow! This is December. A month filled with beautiful snow, lovely songs, tasty cakes, precious candles, and awesome carols to give joy and laughter. This is the spirit of Christmas. Happy Christmas!
  17. Apart from the illuminating lights and candies, Christmas brings love, kindness, and care. It causes us to have affections towards others. Enjoy the season.
  18. I pray that this Christmas provides you with everlasting peace, gives you profound love, and offers you hope. Happy Christmas!
  19. The joy of Christmas carol is so amazing, that it gives warmth to the body, captivates the soul with sweet rhythms that last for eternity.
  20. Christmas brings every interesting thing with it ranging from the show of deep affection and lovely moments. Let’s make a toast to it. Merry Christmas!
  21. Everything suddenly looks mild and more awesome because of the wonderful mystery that accompanies Christmas.
  22. Christmas is not just a season or moment. It has to do with the condition of the mind. Mercy in abundance, to be a lover of peace, and to show kindness to all. That, indeed, is the spirit of Christmas.
  23. A season that flares up the flames of entertainment in a hall, and lit up the fire of love in our hearts. This is Christmas!
  24. Christmas is a season of goodness, affection, and kindness. Its spirit emits light to the window of the soul in order that we might visualize the universe and its busy existence, and pay greater attention to human beings more than every other thing.
  25. I want to wish all my Facebook family and friends a very wonderful special Christmas.
  26. I pray that your Christmas joy this season be so massive that it becomes wide on the internet and social media platforms! Merry Christmas.
  27. To everybody on the internet platform, I wish you all a social media Christmas of numerous likes, outstanding comments, as well as many shares.
  28. Let me use this medium to earnestly wish you all a joyous Christmas since I might not have the opportunity to see you all in person. Enjoy your holiday!
  29. I sincerely hope that all my Facebook friends will see it as a pleasure to have me as a friend just as they are to me. I wish everyone a very happy Christmas!
  30. A big shout out to my sincerest of Facebook friends out there. I extend my most honest and wonderful Christmas wishes to them. Those that I am talking about know themselves.
  31. The supreme creator is a very wise God. He can never present to us a package that we cannot handle. He presented to us Christmas, which means we can handle it also.
  32. Christmas gives us the perfect avenue to consider or mull over the more crucial things around us. It is the moment given to us to look at the previous year and plan for the year ahead.
  33. I wish that all the beautiful things that accompany Christmas will connive to give your heart great happiness and satisfy all want. Joyous Christmas!
  34. I pray that the Christmas candles will illuminate your life, as they gently expand their radiation. I also pray you to come across the awesomeness of mercy and affection every day of this approaching year. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year!
  35. Attempt not to forget and solicit for those that are inopportune to be a part of this joyous celebration, even as you quantify your blessings this period. Have a joyous Christmas and an awesome New Year in advance!
  36. I pray that the atmosphere of Christmas give you hope, and its moonshine through every single thing you touch, as the sun will brighten your future. May you have a wonderful Christmas fun!
  37. Before we go on the Christmas holiday, I want to use this medium to earnestly appreciate my employer for being a friend, a supporter, and a big influence on my life this year. I am very grateful sir, and I wish you a happy Christmas!
  38. I see this as the right time to scan through every occurrence this past year. I have come to find out that my main wellspring inspiration is YOU. As you are the initiator of everything good I do, through your actions. I am grateful, Sir. Happy Christmas!
  39. I want to say that we are truly grateful for your immense help that has improved us this past year. We appreciate and hope it serves as a stepping stone to realizing our goals next year and in years to come. Merry Christmas!
  40. The joy of Christmas is a high expectation for the future. The central theme of Christmas is love, and the motive for Christmas is to bring peace to all.
  41. The reason for Christmas is to portray and celebrate our Redeemer’s birth. An awesome moment to celebrate in togetherness, his coming into this world.
  42. The wonderful thing about Christmas is that we cannot do without it. Like a thunderstorm, it will surely be. And we will experience it together. Happy Christmas!
  43. My Christmas wish is not for my family and me alone, but for all of you as well: peace of mind, the health of body, and strength of spirit.
  44. May the magic of Christmas fill your heart with warmth and love. Merry Christmas!
  45. Christmas is the period of showing kindness and sharing. It is a period of living and forgiving.
  46. The biggest Christmas gift is family and friends and its magic knows no end. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in advance!

merry Christmas wishes for friends

Merry Christmas Quotes.

  1. “In our family, Christmas is one of the things we take as the most vital. Hence, I have faith in Father Christmas and no matter how had I or anyone else may try, I cannot change that fact”.
  2. “I don’t believe Christmas to be everything about possessions. Rather, the paramount thing is showing kindness to all. It is that easy, and I pray we have the zeal to do even more than just showing kindness. Happy Christmas!”
  3. “Behold Christmas! A moment set aside to reinvigorate our souls. A time to ponder on our existence and work towards donating, rather than receiving. It is an accomplishment”.
  4. “There is no amount of snow that can cause it to be white unless we make Christmas an event to show kindness and extend our blessings to others”.
  5. “Try to give up yourself and you will feel the true impact of Christmas. It will make you feel accomplished when you give more and work to the interest of others. Happy Christmas!”
  6. “This season of Christmas is most notable for its generosity. It’s a period people show more kindness and accept people wholeheartedly”.
  7. “Most people see Christmas as an opportunity to be together, while some others see service as a paramount during Christmas”.
  8. “Christmas is a lovely season not just because of its numerous gifts that come with it, but for the fact that it adds color, lighten and warm the season”.
  9. “The real definition of Christmas is the act of everyone putting heads together to help others who need help”.
  10. “In recent years, I have been wondering the reason for celebrating Christmas, especially as the vacation has become too religious and at the same time too worldly. It has lost a huge amount of the aura that makes it fun in times past”.

Heart touching Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends.

  1. I have searched the whole planet, yet I haven’t seen a friend as good as you. The best present I have ever received this year is you. You are a friend indeed. Happy Christmas!
  2. I pray that this vacation period radiate and shine, that it will fulfill our goals and ambitions. It will bring continuous happiness all the days of the year. Happy Christmas!
  3. It is very important that we learn to show mercy throughout this period of Christmas. It is a period we ought to hold dear and show them all kinds of love. And to those who have been my bosom friends, I promise to show you absolutely love that knows no bound. Happy Christmas to you!
  4. It is absolutely true that Christmas is a period that reminds us of our family and friends as we make effort to predict everyone’s sizes. Happy Christmas!
  5. May you be richly blessed this season of Christmas, I offer you every affection that I can ever give, and this I do from the bottom of my heart. Merry Christmas!
  6. Wish you all the best this holiday season and throughout the year, Merry Christmas!
  7. Let us celebrate Christmas with lots of fun, surprises, and magic. May you have a wonderful Christmas!
  8. This festive season opens your heart. Be a jovial giver and God will bless you abundantly. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  9. One of the nice things about Christmas is that you can make people forget the past with a present.
  10. All I want for Christmas is to have everyone in my life be healthy, feel loved.
  11. The snow drops in a gentle manner. It touches the heart. It is as white as a dove. I wish you a joyous Christmas.
  12. Hello Santa! The only gift I want above every other this Christmas is to ensure that the reader of this post has a wonderful and joyous Christmas.
  13. You don’t have to be disturbed about the length of your Christmas tree. Your kids see them all standing at 30 feet tall.
  14. The human race is a large family. How and what we feel in our hearts during Christmas fully demonstrates that.
  15. All of the heavenly traits can be found in you, including; being extremely cheerful like the angels, gratifying as a star, and peaceful. Merry Christmas!
  16. A shout out to my beloved, the one closest to my heart. I wish you a joyous Christmas. I lack words that can perfectly quantify how happy I am for you.
  17. There are many gifts to offer for Christmas, but the most important gift from me to you is the key to my heart. Happy Christmas!
  18. Would I ever find a means by which I can package my love for you, neatly wrapped, and sent to you? I wish there is, and I will gladly oblige. Happy Christmas to you my sweetheart!
  19. This is my prayer for my family, lovers, and companions; your Christmas will bring light and happiness to you. You shall start with prosperity this upcoming year. I wish you a joyous Christmas!
  20. The right way to celebrate your Christmas is by extending alms to the needy. You can start by clothing and feeding them. Then, you accept the castaways, have mercy on the wrongdoers, love your enemies, show concern for the sick, and treat others the same way as you will have you treated. That is how you can have a merry Christmas.
  21. You will truly come to see the mystery of Christmas when you happen to find out that all the money in your pocket has all suddenly disappeared. Merry Christmas!
  22. I pray this Christmas will be a season of reflection on our previous life and a stepping stone to a greater and better year ahead of us. Happy Christmas!
  23. As long as it is Christmas we can never be lonely. Feel free to chat me up anytime on any social media you see me. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration!
  24. I am fully prepared to go with you anywhere you go this Christmas. You are like my guiding star.
  25. I pray this Christmas gives you the achievements you merit and the joy you desire. Let’s toast to that!
  26. I always think of Christmas, and I can’t take it off my mind, the same way I can’t take you off my WhatsApp list. I wish you the most joyous Christmas season you have ever had.
  27. I am fully prepared for this Christmas season. Look into my car and see what is dangling on the roof, a small Christmas tree air freshener. Its smell is likened to that of the Christmas holiday.
  28. You don’t have to wait on Santa…he might not make it. Just get your presents yourself and stop being a cheapskate.
  29. Given we are on Christmas Eve, I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity of being together with all my loved ones to remember altogether the arrival of baby Jesus. I wish you all an enjoyable Christmas season.
  30. I hope that family ties are all around us this Christmas and that they sensitize us and make us remember that we are blessed for being able to be with them one more year. Happy Christmas!
  31. The most wonderful thing about this Christmas is having to feel the happiness and innocence of the youngest ones at home while waiting for this beautiful holiday and remember the birth of baby Jesus. Merry Christmas!
  32. My greatest wish for this Christmas is that we all celebrate these happy moments with the people we love most and that every home in the world is blessed with love and peace. Happy Christmas!
  33. I pray for God’s blessings upon you this Christmas, and I equally pray it becomes one of the most wonderful ones of your lives. Let your best feelings flow in your hearts to enable you to get the peace you so desire.
  34. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance.
  35. The fact that Santa appears in the same garb each year tells you that he is a man. If he is a woman, the reverse would have been the case.
  36. I pray that the rays of this Christmas lead us through the gloom of the years to come future. Merry Christmas!
  37. I promise to honor this Christmas in my heart and do my best to save it in there all through the year.

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