900+ Instagram Bio For Boys [Latest, Trendy, and Stylish]

Are you looking for Best Instagram Bio For Boys? If yes is the answer then you are right here, we have shared the Latest & Best Instagram Bio For Boys; New, Funny, Cool, Attitude, Stylish, Swag, Trending, Attractive and lots of Instagram Bios.

Posts on social media or the internet are written in such a way it can attract traffic or online visitors, and you would also like to have friends and followers on Instagram, thereby most people on Instagram just take a glims look at your bio and photos how attractive it looks before making up there mind whether to follow you or not, so the bio and photos on your Instagram page is the first impression that matters.

However, if your Instagram bio and photos are cute you are most likely to attract a lot of followers to your page but if they are not, the reverse is the case.

I know one of the questions in your mind is how can you make a bio that can gain you a lot of followers. In this article, we have the best collection of bio that can attract followers to your Instagram page or account. All that you have to do is pick your favourite Bio from the list below, you can type it or you can simply copy and paste it on your Instagram profile.

Instagram Bio For Boys

Instagram Bio For Boys 2022.

👑Lord Of Instagram👑
♥️Verified Account♥️
💪I Love to Gym ❣️
📸Selfie Lover❣️
👔Business oriented🔥
😎 Single & Available 😉
💓Man Don’t Love 🤭
🔪Cake killer On May 8🎂

👑Lord of The Boys👑
🎶Music Lover🎶
🔥Athletic in Nature🏁
😎My Attitude = Give & Recieve😉
🎂Cake me on 17th June🎂

👑Prince Ista… ♥️Say it….♥️
👔Majesty 👔
😘Born to Reign😘
🎂Born to Reing🎂On 7th  July🎉

➡Lord of Haters👑
➡King of My Life💢
➡Outlook Guy😎
➡Stylist 👔
➡🎧Music in my Blood🎶
➡Gift me on 1st July🎂

😎Most  😘 Handsome😎
♥️King of Cinema📷
🎶Music my Food🎶
🏍Fast and Furious🏍
🎂Born to Reign on 4th August🎂

🥰Proud To Be A Guy🔥
😇Wish Me On 6th September🎂

💪Fitness to The Bone 🤛
🔥Gym Lover💯
😎Attitude Eleviated💢
🍰Kills cake on 🔪 1st October⚡

😍 Bike Lover 🏍️
❣️Goal Getter😍
👻Happines my Issue🥰
😘Single Don’t Mingle 🚫
🎂Gift Me On💌1st January😇

New Instagram Bio For Boys

🔸Main  Account
😋Drop into the World 14th DEC
☣ I Own my Rules ☠
🎧Crazy for Music…
💪Gym Lord
👉📷Photo Master📷
🍷 House of Wine🏡

🎗️I Own my Rule
🚗Car Freak
📸STudio Lover
🎳_Sports Fan 😘

👑REspect for the King👑
😊Gilrs Lover😊
😎Right Attitude😎
❤Loves Mummy❤
🖤Coloured Heart🖤

♠ Attitude High📈
❎Trust = 0❎
❤️Craked Heart💔
📷 Cinema Addict 📸
✌️Loves Single💓
😤Dislikes Attitude Girls 😏
😈BAd Mind😈

█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌Active Account ♥️
➡❤Adam no Eve❤
➡ 👑His Majesty👑
➡🚫Can’t Do Without🚫
➡😍Sweet Life😘
➡🎉Special Day 1st FEB🎂

📲iPhOne On Me📱
💓Joyful 👻
🥰I Care😱
💕Good LIving ✌🏻
😘Not Hooked🚶
🖥️Computer Lover😘

🔘 Graduation Loading🎓
🔘 Born Date 6th March🎂
🔘 Funny and loves 😎
🔘 Photo Man📷

Stylish Bio For Instagram.

stylish instagram bio for boys

★⭕★》Always joyful👻
★🔘★》Ladies My Respect💥
❣️Wish Me July 6th 🌹

★》King Of My Own Kingdom♥️
♥️★》Loves Mom & Dad😘
👑★》 King of Bad Boys😎
🔘★》I Command My Life
💓★》🎂Born Day 12 DEC🥂

➡Love 😘Me Character💓
➡Lover of Music 🌹
➡Photo Boy💓
➡MY Cake🔪Dies 10th April

💠》MR. Exceptional💓
💠》Man of Faith😘
💠》Respect for Humanity😌

☯》A.K.A♥️On Me😎
✦》Proudly I❣️
☯》Your Attitude My Attitude😎
✦》DOB On 1st January 🔥

□ Money Absent💵💰
■ Girlfriend Absent👸
□ iPhone Absent📱
■Bike Absent🏍️
□Car Absent🚗
■EXcess Joy PreSENT🥰

🟢》Enjoyment Activated🥰
🔵》Addicted to friendship🧑‍🤝‍🧑
🔴》Fans Big Name 💞
🟤》CAke Me🎂4th June 🎁

💓▶Loves to love🎂
💥▶Clean 😊
♥️▶Music Boy🎶
💞▶Enternal FRiendship👬
🔥▶Attitude on DEvil %😈

Instagram Bio For Boys Attitude

👑King of Character👑

💜Good to see you here♥️
👑King of my Lover👑
🔥Mad 🔥Devilsh👻
😎Born to Lead😎
☣️My Own Boss🔥
👻Am Single and Safe😜
👉BD DATE 🎂15th April

༺👑All Hail the Prince👑༻

༺❉MR. Exceptional❉༻
💥19th may DOB🌟
💕Heart Kidnapper💌
👻Master of Luck🎲
😎My Attitude is on Fire🔥

♐Welcome To My Palace♥️
😌Love Addict😇
😎Attitude your perception.

♥️Authotized Account👑
😇Cake With Me On 2nd Dec🎉
🥎Basket Baller🏏
♥️Single & 😇Excited♥️

Trending Bio For Instagram.

trending Instagram bio for boys

💯MY Account🔐
📷Photo Life Style📷
😘Loves Music🎶
⚽Loves Sports⛳
😍Loves to Bike on a sports bike
💰Money on my Mind
😭1st cry Day = 23rd July

💥 Eat my cake on 7th August🎂
💥 Work Shy😵
💥 The Dreamer😴
💥 TRade Marked ME😎
💥 SElfie Lover📷
💥 Loves to Dance

⚫Say BirthDay to me_on 👉June 9th✌️
⚫Camera Man📷
⚫Single Living🕵👨

🎂🎉Enjoys 1st Cry Day on 6th May🎉🎂
💕Sweet Love😘
❤Always Home Alone❤
💪Fitness Addict😘

🎂Happy Born day to Me _ 12 April👻
♥️Lovely Single♥️
💪Energy Guy💪
😊Easy Going😊
👫See a Model👫
😎Still a Scholar😎
🍲Food Fan🍲

🐾Pet Lover🐶🐱

😃Happines in Me
😉Love Real Niggas
😀No Much Niggas
😘 Loves Mom
😠Far Away Bad Attitude
😏 Easy Going guy
😊Cake Day on _16 OCT🎂

😎 Rugged Boy😎

➡️Born To Lead😎
↪️18th FEB loading🎂
➡️I FAll for Love♥️

Instagram V.I.P Bio

👑 V.I.P Activated👑
🎶Addicted to harmonious Sound🎶
📸 Studio Guy📸
👔 Big Guy🕶️
😎My Attitude is Yours 😎

♥️ Account is V.I.P💯
💥Royal in My Vien🩸
🎧Musicdicted 🎶
😎 See Character😇
🎂Born Day 7th February🎂

⚫Ceremonious Account🔥
⚫Planet Born 👉4th Jan
⚫Big Name Lover👔

😎Attitude Problem 😎
🥰Respect For All😇
♥️Wish Me On 5 December❣️

⭕▀▄▀▄Am Big Named▀▄▀▄⭕
💙Haters Lord 💙

█║▌█║▌║║█ ©Trademark Account✓
🔎Earth Entry on 11 Nov♐
❣️I Rule My World☠
💪Gym Master💪
♥️Selfie Lord ♥️
😎 Dislikes Attitude Girls😤

©▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒▓▒👑King Account✓
1⃣ Lord of Attitude
2⃣  8th august born day
3⃣  Photogenic💓
5⃣   Focused Dude

█║▌█║▌║█║║█©Big Boy Account⭕
👑I Control My Planet😎
🎶Music Man🎵
⚾ Lover Cricket🏏
🎉Cake Day ON 5th FEB❣️

💪Fitness Guru💕
🩸Blooded with Royalty❣️
😘I Don’t Single🌹K😘
🚫Trust No Man🚫

💜Love Daddy❣️& Mummy😘
🎶Music My Food🎶
📸Photo Man♥️
💕Happy in Single😌
😊Respect Ladies😊
🎂Born into Royalty 13th May🎂

👑Them Master 👑
♥️Love the Studio📸
😘No stick Smoking💯
😎Grammy Attitude💯
🎂Happy BD Me on 6th DEC🎂

Instagram Bio For Boys With Emoji

😉Holding on to Someone♥️
😘Lover Boy😍

👉Believer of Me🤛
👉 Enough is Enough🤛

❌No Attitude😎
🤜No Shit🔥

》▪Profile accessable😜
》▪Easy Going😉
》▪Music my Thing🎶

》▪Acount Me 899*****99
》▪Palace Entry♥️5th April 😉

🔏 SEcured Account🔒
♥️Lord of the Heart♥️
👔Focused GentleMan👔
😍Single No worry
😘Call me Lover Man😍
💁Wish me Cake Day 8th Nov 😇

♥️Registered into Earth on 3rd JAN♥️
☣️100% Controller of my Life☠
🙅Gym Addict🏋️
🎧Addicted to Music🎶
😎Single Don’t Mingle❌
🔥See my Attitude see yours😎

Swag Bio For Instagram

😎Attitude 50/50
☣️I do my Thing☣️
😍Dream Chaser
🥰Loyalty to Girls
💙 Sophia❤️Mum and Dad💙
🎉Gift me on 5th April

꧁Welcome To My ༆ Insta Profile꧂
👑Haters King👑
♥️Not too Good 😎 Boy♥️
👔Personality Lover♥️

》👑 Cake me on 7th April》
》🚫Zero Attitude🚫
I 》Not Wealthy but I got Loalty🔥

♥️No problem man😃
🎂Happ  Born Day on 🎉3rd Sep🎂
💞Love 💞 Mama & Papa 💞
🎵Music Lover🎵
😍Great Dreamer😍
😘Single and Happy🥰

🏫 Scholar Boy👨
💞Photo Addictited📸
👸Girls call me 🖤Hero😎

🎂Cake Date = 4th FEB🍰
📷Photo Master📸
👔Loves👓Good looking👟

Special Bio For Instagram

🟣Intelligent Guy😎
⚫LOves Biking🏍
⚫Photo Shoot💓
🟠Murders Cake on 🔪 12th May🎂
👉Dats My Dollar Account 888******9📱

✈️CREated on the 5th of March🌎
😘LOves to Play cheese😘
😒Blank Attitude😒
🔫Royalty 🩸 in my Blood🔫

✌️Music Sophia
✌Photo Addict
✌Born Courageous
✌ Proud of My Originality ♥️
✌Cake me 4th NOv🎂 💜

😁MY Attitude = Give & Recieve
👉BEcareful with Me☺️
😀Still Undergraduate🎓
🎓Future Doctor

😎 Hot guy Nice Attitude 😎
🎂BirthDay me on 22 FEB🎂

💠 Active Account✌️
🎂 Wish Me on 30th June🎂

👍Cake killer on 👉29th November😎
🏏lover of Cricket👍
☺Happily Single😄

➡Quite Guy🙂
➡Music Habit🎧
➡Loves Friendship👈
➡LOgin into the world on 13 March 🎂

🔜 Awesome & crazy
🔜 Law Student
🔜 I 👍Sporting
🔜 I 💖Love 🏏to play Cricket
🔜 Wish Me On 🎂 18 February 🎂

👫  Mom & Dad
👉 Welcome to my World 💖
💪 Champion Man🏆
🎶Music Lover 🎶
😘 Lover of Friends 💝
❤️ Ladies Guy☺

Cool Bio For Instagram

⚫Cake Day 18th DEC 🎂
⚫Selfie Lover❣️
⚫Flexing Mood 💥
⚫King of No Worries👑
⚫ Loving❤️

❣️》MR. Alright ♥️
❣️》Goody Guy😎
♥️ Loves Racing🏍️
♥️Loves🎶Good Muscic🎤Voicing
💜King Man👑
💛Attitude No😈
🤍Selfie Taker📷
💓 Alone💗
♻️ Master of the Game🎲
😇Do My Own Thing😉

Instagram Bio Ideas

😭 the fIRST SHOUT TO WORLD= 13th May🎂
🔧Automobile Engineer🚗
🍟Love to Eat 🍕
😎SWEET 18💓
😀For Sure😉
☺Amazing Single😄
👑Kingship Character👑

Bash on👉1st June🎂🎁
😊My Attitude Reciprocte yours😕

➡ Pics Editor🙇
➡ Cute  😯 Fashionista👦

❤BirthDay  🎂 14th Jan❤
❤Lover Boy❤
❤Loves nice Car❤
❤Speedy rider❤

#My Parents my EveryThing🌏
#My DReams in Motion….🚗

♥️MR. 👉Me♥️
💙Sample Account
💋Loves Kiss
😻Pet Lover
👓JUst Me ALone
👑Party after Party on 5th Dec
🎊 Party till dawn on31st Dec 🎊
⚽Loves football ⚽
📷 Cinematographer📷
😎Single = 99% = + 1

👿 Bad Boy👿
📷 Love Taking Selfie📷
🎱 Plays Snooker🎱
🐴 Loves to ride on horse🏇.
🎵Be my Lover🎵
🚙FReak for Jeep🚙
Birthday on📲4tn March🎉

👉 At 🏡 my Homie🏠
👉 Fan Of my Self 😎
👉 Baddest Guy👦
👉 Am Single & proud🙄💘
👉Take a selfie📸
👉 Fitness focused 💪
👉 Foodie🍔🍕🥘🍝🍟

♥️Eternal😇 Joy
🙂SEE the King👑
♥️Stay HAPPY

Instagram Bio For Boys In Stylish Font

👑All Hail the King 👑
➡Selfie Addict
➡ Music Addict
➡Master of Instagram
➡I Love Good Friends
➡Cake Murder Day = 25th FEBRUARY 🎂

⏺ BAshDay on 8th AUG
⏺🎵Loves Music🎧
⏺🥎Sports Fan⚽
⏺♥️Photo Man📸
⏺Attitude not Steady😎

👑MR. ME👑
♥️Family Lover❣️
🎵Music Fan🎶
🎂Cake Killer 🔪 13th Jan

👑Master of Romantic Frienship😘
😍Loves My Wonderful Parents😘
😋Rough Rider😇
💪Fitness Man😍
🖤Black Heart😗
🤝My Niggas For Me😘

⚫💯Business Account🔐
♥️Hot Guy♥️
⚫Loves to sing
⚫STrong Bone for🤜 Fight 🤛
❤️Dope 🔥 Personality 🕶️
💙BirthDay Me On 17th December🎂

💝Loves to Camera📸
💓🎼Music Freak🎶
👑Born Great
🎮Master Gamer🎮
🏠MY house I Reside 🏡
🔪Login into Earth _🍰 15th March🎂

🖤My Niggas 🥰 My Love🖤
🎧Music Lover ♥️
❌ Blank Attitude🚫
😍Loves💓Dad & Mom

Attitude Bio For Instagram

😎Attitude Guy🖤
💑 MY Parents = Everythig🌏
📸 Loves To Camera📸 📷
😘 1st Cry day = 2nd june🎂 🍫

Balling into my Paradise🌎
Quite Lover🔇
MY BASh Party on 8th June
My Crush =❤️…………. 👩
😎Never Say Never🤘🏻
👿Bad Mind😎
🎃Die with my Brain! Not Wish💭
🚫Trust Anyone🚫

👉 Earth Entry👇3rd May 😎
😃 Attitude = Mine😃
😎 Gym Lover😎
🎵Music Addict 🎶
👨 Not coupled 🙋

😍LOves my💙Parents😘
😎Wahala Guy 🔥
💪Energy In Me😍
🤝FRiends all the Way😘

😎 Born handsome😎
🔥Judge me not🔥
😍 Imperfect Me😋

📷Photo Lover📷
😎Right Attitude😎
✌All alone✌#
🎶Music addict🎵
🚘Loves to Wheel🚗
🎉Delivered into Earth _ 9th AUG🎂

✌Selfie Addict
✌Delivered Strong
✌Cake Day on 6th JAN🎂 💜

Music LOver🎧
Happiness in ME🙂
14th is the Cake day🎂

Simple Instagram Bio For Boys

Music lover🎶🎧
Singing Freak🎤
Cake Day🎂4th Feb😊😘
👑 Instagram Lord 👑
🩸Royalty in my Vien🩸
I 💗 to Watch HollyWood😍
❤️👉My Parents👈

Happy Mood 💜
Love My 💛Princess❤️
Love King👑
My Attitude’s on you 🥰

Loves Nature🌿
🙋Just Single 💯
🏏Love to Cricket🏏
Big Dreams( 👩‍🦳 💕 👨‍🦳 )
Just stay Happy😇

📸Photo Addict📸
💪💪Fitness Lord💪💪
❤️Cricket Lord❤️
👼Delivered into Earth 3rd May

Game lover 🎮
Love me or Hate me❤
Football Lover⚽
Foodie 🤤🤤

📷Photo Lord📷
🍟Loves Food🍕

Bio For Instagram For Boys

💙Loving🍁Good🍁& Handsome💟
❤️Loves⚾to 🍁play🍁cricket💚
🧡Smoking🚭Far away💘
🖤Me alone👉💖

👉Single ☝️
🤗HEARTbreaker NO💔

🔥Working MOOd 🎃
😇Great Goals
🔪Save the date 13th JAN🎂
💜Footballer & CRicketer 🏏⚽
😘SEeing Movies👀
🛫Loves Travelling🏂
🌈Styled photographer♥️

👉Photo Man 📷
👉Party Wild🍺
👉Loves Food 🍗🍕
👉Continue With ME👣
👉Burn Sticks 🚭

⭕️Baddest Boy
🎾Cricket things
🎼Music Addict
🎂14th April My Cake Day

🎂Cake Day 4th June👫
Love Friends💜
Muscular 💪

📷 Photography ❤️
🚫 No Relationship
♠️Dark Lover
🔴 Enough to me

❤My Big House🏰
❣️ Birthday me 🎂4th June😍
💞Parents Lover
😈Bad Energy
💍Just Single😜

Attractive Bio For Instagram

Birthday me on 5th May 😘
Photo Man📷
character Boy 😎
Angry Boy is like Angry Bird 😣
Looking for Lost Queen 👸
Cute😘 Flirting😜

Flirting 🤓
Love Parents 😘
lover of Fun 😘😘
Music Lover🎧🎧
Cake day 15th May 🍮

Smart Boy 😌
Cute and Easy going 😜
Single and Happy 😁
0 Attitude❌

💪 Much Energy💪
👑Born Date 13th April🎂🍰
💨Hot Sticks Lover💨
♈Single Guy 😉
Gym Addict 💪

✌popular Me😎
✌Loves Cricket🏏
✌Rap Lord🎤🎧

⚫Gift Me ❤️15th MAy🎂
⚫Chief Editor📸
⚫Fun Lover 📲🏍📸🎸

♠️I own my Home
❤️Love Mom like DAd💘
👍Coffee lover☕

👔Gentle Single 😆
👔Cute Attitude😎
👔Loves Riding🏍
👔Gym Addict💪

More Instagram Bio For Boys Attitude

  1. Real Men don’t believe in luck, rather we believe in working better.
  2. Waste no time, because time waits for no man.
  3. My bio is currently not available, try again later.
  4. When am right, I live life to the fullest.
  5. Before you hate me 👿just try to love me. 🥰
  6. I’m exceptionally made
  7. Even haters like what I do.
  8. My biggest motivation comes from haters.
  9. Girls love bad boys  😎 that’s why I’m a bad boy.
  10. Give me no arsenal 🔫 my weapon is within me 💪
  11. My bad days are yet to come.

Instagram Bio For Boys in English

  • Great men are more focused on their business, compared to other man’s own.
  • Successful people are the only that can afford a good life.
  • Keep going until it gets better. 😇
  • Delivered into  Greatness.
  • MY Best is in being me. 🔥
  • Am just a Very important personality 😎
  • I live my life the way I can and should, not the way they think.
  • No fake life, I live in reality🔥
  • Don’t joke with me,😎 because am a better joker 💪
  • I live proudly, I know no shame.😎

Cool Instagram Bio For Boys

  • Rent me some room🥰 In Your Heart. ❤️
  • Mirror into my eyes 👀 you will find love. 😍
  • Hard work and discipline come with success. 💪
  • I’ve learnt my lessons  👉from my mistakes. 😎
  • Real romance Stories 🥰 are always continuous. ☝️
  • Enjoy life the way you can 😊life is enjoyable. ✌️
  • Let your success speak louder than your voice. 🗣️

Instagram Bio For Boys Attitude

  • I’m my character, and my attitude is a reflection of yours.
  • Not just a bad boy, but the worst. 😎
  • My lifestyle, my business judge me not.
  • Stylish Boys are more romantic 🥰than bragging  Guys 💪
  • Quite a Lifestyle. 😎
  • At my Best, when am alright, My worst when am down.
  • Loving being Single. 😎
  • I make my rule, am my Boss😎 so mind your business 👉
  • I never change my attitude
  • Change your bad attitude, change your life.

More Instagram Bio For Boys Attitude

  • Treat me bad and I will become worst 👿
  • Take a look at me you will notice the real me.
  • My character and my level are my priority.
  • I do my things my way.
  • I choose what I believe ☝️ because my destiny is in my hands. 😎
  • To be successful👉 your character is needed.👑
  • No bad attitude 👉 the way you see me it’s just your thought. 😎
  • I’m not coupled ☝️ but just having some courtship challenge. 😌
  • My Special Bio is Loading………… 😎
  • I raise my third finger 🖕 on behalf of your bad attitude. 😎

Funny Instagram Bio For Boys

  1. Single ☝️ and waiting.
  2. 👉Mind your Bio am gonna update mine
  3. It can be yours if you can uncode  ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒🔥
  4. Dats my Number 😍88******5*😉
  5. Profile loading………
  6. Bio is not found Try Later😰
  7. Bio about to be uploaded😜
  8. 😎Me perfect for you
  9. Account Number 30$$$$$895
  10. Follow me please …..😃

Short Instagram Bio For Boys

  • Love is boundless. ❤️
  • Be in a smiling mood. 🥰
  • A good relationship is like grease to life. 🖤
  • Bring the out the best in you. 😎
  • I see your eyes on my Bio. 😏
  • Heart in a joyful mood. 👻
  • Don’t grow old☝️Grow wiser. 🥰
  • Look into my eyes do you know me.😎
  • Bio Loading………. 😰
  • Life is valuable like Gold Box. 🍫

Instagram Bio To Get More Followers

  1. You can follow us on INSTAGRAM
  2. You can know me better if you follow on INSTAGRAM
  3. I pay back🚘 to those who follow me👻
  4. I know you are right here to follow👻 then hit the button 👍
  5. Just going to my destination 😇 you can follow me 👻
  6. Hit the  follow button 👻 we have more stories that will inspire you
  7. I appreciate your time on my profile 👍

Instagram Bio Ideas For Boys With Emoji

  1. Let your love be limitless  ❤️and dream very Big
  2. Caution: 👉 My love is attractive. 👩‍❤️‍👨
  3. Am nice🥰 look nice 😍I do nice things too. 😘
  4. I bank smiles 😊 I got lots of them.
  5. your life is the product of 👉thought. 🌎
  6. Feeling cool 👻 on good energy.🥰
  7. Big Stacks is not for cheap minds☝️
  8. Albert Einstein by nature 😎 but bad in the decision. 👿
  9. Bio doesn’t tell about me better 😎 come closer to know better. ✌️

Latest Instagram Bio For Boys

  • I don’t wish for my success to come through luck, I labour for it 💪
  • My purpose in life is for me to do what am doing right now
  • Work on your good plan, then make it better, and then the best will come, never wait for the best.🙂
  • Reining as the King I am, I ain’t waiting for no one to crown me. 👑
  • My heart merry ❤️ all because of you 👉
  • 👉 Mind your business with your attitude.👇
  • Am chasing my goals and dream, not chasing girls😎
  • King like me we rule without a queen.
  • Try not to fake me into liking you, because I know true love
  • I act with great love, not hypocrisy❤
  • I’m famous not just rich😎
  • They say am bad, but I’m just bad but worst 😈

Best Instagram Bio For Boys

  • I live by my own rules.
  • I’m not a righteous man, but I don’t break hands. 😎
  • I live life the way I can 💪 I don’t care about what people say
  • People know me better, I don’t need to explain myself to them. 😇
  • Don’t take my kindness for foolishness else, I will unleash the dragon in me 😈
  • If you think am good am better, but if you think am bad am worst.
  • When you look at me you will know am a better person. 😎
  • I’m a superstar, but not like Hollywood stars. 🤨
  • So many pains in the universe, but I choose my Gain.
  • I don’t need any girl right now, am just enjoying being single

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