50+ illness Quotes And Strength Quotes to Help You Recover Quickly

Today we bring you illness quotes and strength quotes to encourage you to recover as soon as possible. They are not like the conventional kind of quotes that are only nice to hear during temporal struggles with illness. The quotes go beyond creating those temporal fluffy happy feelings, they make you realize your inner strengths, your true nature and keep you going all through the dark and hard times.

We have provided over fifty (50+) quotes that will help you quickly recover from your illness and put you back in control of your life.

The fact is that you have powers that no sickness can handle, so stop trusting your fears because they don’t know your strength. If you are ready, then let’s do these; below are our collection of wide interesting illness quotes and strength quotes to help you carry on.

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illness Quotes And Strength

illness quotes and strength
Illness Quotes And Strength.

1). Storms make trees take deeper roots.

2). Mountains do not rise without earthquakes.

3). Sickness is nothing more than a reaction. But being healthy is a decision.

4). Courage is not actually having the strength to carry on, But it’s carrying on even when you don’t have the strength.

5). No matter how stubborn your illness may pose to be, always remember that you’re stronger, amazing, brave and wonderful.

6). Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Believe, and get well soon.

7). Sometimes the strength inside of you is not one giant fiery flams for all to see. But it’s just a very tiny little spark that whispers to you softly; continually reminding you “You’ve got this. Keep moving.”

8). Even though you may not be able to control what’s happening, you can always control the way you react to what’s happening. That’s where your true power lies.

9). Faith is the ability to see light with your heart even though all your eyes see is darkness.

10). F.E.A.R has two meaning – 1). Forget Everything And Run. 2). Face Everything And Rise. It’s up to you choose which of them you want. Get well soon.

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11). Courage conquers everything and even gives strength to the whole body.

12). If only wonderful things happen to you, then you can’t be great.

13). Gold is tried by fire, but brave men are tried by adversities.

14). The size of a dog in a fight doesn’t really matter, What matters is the size of the fight in the dog.

15). Only an idle man can bear the accidents of his life with grace and dignity, making the best of every circumstance.

16). I believe this illness will help you learn how to turn your wounds into wisdom.

17). A strong man is not that person who doesn’t cry. A strong person is that man who stands quiet and shed tears for a moment, and then picks up his sword and fights again.

18). Our glory doesn’t lye in never falling, but rising every time we fall.

19). Never trust your fears, they don’t have an idea of your strengths.

20). Taking one step back doesn’t mean that you have been defeated. It means that you will still take the same step forward but wiser this time around.

21). Never stop believing in hope because miracles still happen every day.

22). It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. So, be strong now and things will get better soon.

23). A hero is an ordinary person who decides to endure and persevere in spite of the overwhelming obstacles.

24). There are going to be remarkable moments in your life when you will realize that nothing going to be the same and that time will be divided into two parts: BEFORE this moment and After this moment.

25). Be brave and even when you’re not, pretend to be.

26). An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat any army of lions led by a sheep.

27). Wear your tragedies as ARMOR, and not like shackles.

28). Embrace your struggles and let them make you stronger. Your illness wouldn’t last forever.

29). You are free to cry, you are free to scream as loud as you can, but don’t give up.

30). You’ve got the spirit of a warrior constantly residing within you. Find it, and get well soon.

31). And today, if all you did was hold yourself together, then I’m proud of you.

32). The world owes neither you or me nothing, it was here first.

33). Life is made up of 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.

34). A peaceful life is all about finding the calm even in the midst of that chaos.

35). I don’t get upset when people get scared. The truth is that whenever you’re scared, it shows that you’re about to do something really brave.

36). Life is either a daring adventure or absolutely nothing at all.

37). We’re much stronger only in the places we’ve been broken.

38). All the strong people that I’ve met have never been given an easier life, they’ve learnt to create happiness and strength from dark places.

39). The truth is no one can calm the storm. The best you can do is calm yourself knowing too well that the storm will pass.

40). Nothing is as beautiful as a real smile that has manage to struggle through tears.

41). Life is not all about avoiding the bruises. But I think it’s about collecting as many scars as you can to prove that you actually showed up.

42). If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. Should in case you can’t walk, crawl. But in whatever you do, just keep moving.

43). And when you’ve finally exhausted all the possibilities, then remember this: You haven’t.

44). What do you think the hero of your life will do at this moment if he was in your shoe? Do that!

45). Every trial, every failure, every adversity and heartache carries with it an equal seed or greater benefit.

46). Nothing last forever, including your illness. It’s all going to pass away.

47). I’ve been fighting from childhood. So, I’m not a survivor, I’m a warrior.

48). Just believe that you can and you’re already halfway there.

49). Last night THE DEVIL WHISPERED to me “You can’t withstand the storm.” And I look him straight in the eyes and replied “I’m the storm.”

50). Get up every morning and remind yourself “I can do this!”

51). The pessimist will always see difficulty in every opportunity. But an optimist sees only opportunities in every difficulty.

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