How to Praise Someone Professionally (30+ Genuine Ideas)

What are the genuine compliments you can give your coworker? Here are 30+ sincere and honest ways you can tell your fellow worker, Kudos. If you are searching for the best unhypocritical ways how to praise someone professionally, here’s are the best ways to achieve this.

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o matter how sad, or bad anyone is feeling, getting a genuine compliment, or remembering a genuine compliment will brighten their day and make them feel instantly better. (I know this because I’ve experienced it, in my darkest periods, great compliments from sincere and honest people are like a light that shines bright in a very dark room)


how to praise someone professionally

Truth is that a sincere compliment shows people that you appreciate, and support them, and this works both in and out of the workplace. While at work, you can honestly praise your co-worker professionally by paying attention to the big and small ways in which they’ve made the place a better working environment.

However, for those who are managers, it is essential you cultivate the habit and put more effort into praising your employees genuinely from the heart. This article will show you, the best method in crafting professional and genuine compliments for your coworkers with examples.

Example on How to Praise Someone Professionally.

The first and foremost thing you should know before praising someone professionally is this. The praises or compliments you give in the workplace should depend on the recipient. Make sure what you are praising them for, is what they are actually doing, or it won’t mean anything to them.

Here are examples of professional praise you can give your coworkers:

Praises on a Job Well Done.

Every good person would sincerely want to know whether they’re performing well at their job or not. You, either as a co-worker or playing a managerial role recognizing their strengths and abilities in the workplace is a great way to boost their confidence and tell them you see what they’re doing.

This could lead to an increase in their work output, and a better working environment where they feel safe, comfortable and actually doing something right. If your coworker just completed a large and troublesome project, are some professional praises that I recommend.

  • “You did great today on your presentation.”
  • “You brought up some amazing and edge cutting points in the meeting today.”
  • “People in this office know you don’t feel comfortable speaking in public, you went out of your comfort zone! You’ve inspired me to do the same too.”
  • “Honestly, the efforts you put into creating that strategy are appreciated. Kudos!”
  • “Even though work has been very busy these past few days, you handled the stress with grace. We have a lot to learn from you.”

Praising A Co-workers’ Skills.

When you praise a co-worker on a specific skill they exhibit, you are encouraging them to continue to build skills, and at the same time, supporting them to get more skills that will grow their career.

  • “You have a great communication skill few people I know possess

  • Your ability to make everyone and anyone comfortable around you is purely amazing.
  • “I really admire your work ethic. Hope others emulate it and implement it too.”

  • “You’re so organized. are you willing to share your organizing tips with us?”

  • “You have a unique and creative way of thinking. It’s admirable. Keep it up.”

Professional Praises For a New Team Member.

As kids find it difficult to start new schools, same ways even experienced professionals find it difficult in starting new jobs too. Are you aware that offering compliments to new coworkers in their first few weeks will help them settle down more quickly and become part of the team?

You can genuinely praise a new co-worker by showing your appreciation either for the skills, insight, and perspective a new coworker brings. Here are some great ways of complimenting a new member in your working place.

  • “Keep up the great work, because it’s exciting working with a professional as you.”

  • “I love your confidence and how you handle pressure from the management.”

  • “You’re very creative in organizing and solving problems.”

  • “You’ve been a great addition to the team!”

Praises For Workers Excited in the Job.

You know those people who are mostly happy about their job and it’s noticeable among others? Here are some choice words you can use in praising co-workers excited by the work.

  • “I appreciate your enthusiasm and hope you share it with us all.”

  • “You ask insightful questions that show how much you value this job.”

  • “Thank you for always coming to work with a smile. It’s contagious and appreciated!”
  • “Your ability to always be positive in challenging situations is an attitude I want for everyone here.”

Praising a Co-worker for being a Good Team-mate.

For someone who has encountered and worked with so many people with their different personalities and opinions in the workplace, it’s important to recognize an individual’s insight and contributions that align with the vision of the workplace. The peace they bring with them, and how everyone is close, maybe because of a program they introduce, or game they introduced that everyone can partake in.

  • “Thank you for being flexible and accepting changes without grudges.”

  • “Thank you for being this reliable.”

  • “Thank you for bringing in a different solution in today’s meeting.”

  • “I feel happier whenever I collaborate with you.”

Praises for your Boss.

This is not trying to gain favor from your boss or anything. If you have a genuine or sincere reason to do this, don’t hesitate to compliment your boss or managers. Even as parents or guardians, whenever we do something for people under our care, a simple thank you will make us want to do more. Truth is that Managers need encouragement too. Whether it’s a new manager or one you’ve reported to for a while, you can try reommending the behaviors you like to see in a leader they displayed.

  • “Your connection with us shows how much you want everyone to learn and grow at their own pace. Thank you.”

  • “Your extraordinary ability in giving me the autonomy to learn at my own pace and ask questions when I need to, is something I’ve not heard of, or seen since I started my career.”

  • “You show appreciation for everyone on the team, and its says a lot how much you cared for the team.”

  • “I know you have many responsibilities to take care of yourself. Thank you for guiding me on this project.”

  • “Thank you for letting me share my concerns with you.”

  • “Thank you for understanding the situation.”

How to Praise Coworkers Professionally.

While complimenting your coworker outside of work is acceptable, it is best to focus more on workplace compliments on professional traits exhibit by the recipient, qualities like attitude, skills, talents, qualities, or contributions.

These are major requirements and steps to consider when providing your coworkers with positive praises:

1. Consider the Person you’re Praising.

The first thing you should put into consideration when complimenting your co-worker, is the role they play in the company, and not majorly on the person. Is the person you’re complimenting your manager, your teammate, or your employee? Knowing the right qualities to praise will show just how much you care, observed.

Here are some examples you’d give to your manager, teammate, and employee:

  • For your manager: “Thank you for teaching me how to use the new (insert name of the system, job he is teaching you) I appreciate the time you took to show me how the articles will be formatted from now on.”

  • For your Co-Worker: “I enjoyed working with you, how insightful you are, and solutions you bring anytime we encountered problems.”

  • For Employee: “What I admired the most about you, is your creativity. The time you used in developing the app (or anything they did), truly shines through it. You did an amazing job.”

2. Be Specific with Your Praises.

Praising someone in a specific area where their strength is, shows you are truly complimenting them for what they did, and not just random compliment you give to anyone or everyone. Instead of saying “Great work,” you could say, “Great work on the brand new logo you designed today. The minimal aesthetic is alluring. Your creativity and passion made all the difference.”

3. Be Professional in your Praise.

Although you can praise your coworker, team-mate, or manager outside the workplace, be fully aware that the compliments you give your coworkers must be formal and polite, and nothing close to being a creep.

It’s also essential to always be aware of the time and place when complimenting your team-mate, or boss. Make sure you give your compliment at an appropriate time, and would be appreciated if it’s in a public place.

Don’t cross the boundary when praising someone professionally.

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