Have a Blessed Weekend Messages, Quotes and WhatsApp Status

Indeed, prayer is an antidote for every challenge. Prayers can take you to places that physical strength cannot. That is why the scripture says that “for we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and the evil world”. Again, with prayers, you can activate the code for open doors and blessings.

You can make your weekend what you want it to be through prayers. Most people use the weekend to pray and thank God for the successful week they had thereby unlocking the blessings of the upcoming week. You can share in the weekend blessings by reading through our amazing collections of prayer quotes for memorable weekends.

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Have A Blessed Weekend Prayers.

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You can let your loved ones know how much you love them by selecting from amongst our amazing prayers below to make them have a blessed weekend. Here are some of the best collections;

  1. I pray that your soul will be renewed as we approach the weekend. I pray also that your hands shall be reenergized and the whole of your body re-strengthened. Enjoy your weekend.
  2. I pray that this weekend shall bring to you a renewed spirit, soul, and body. I also pray that all your worries come to an end and give room for eternal peace. I pray that you will have joy overflow like never before. I wish you a happy weekend.
  3. I pray that as you retire for the weekend, you will be provided with everything that is required for you to reinvent yourself. I pray that you gain new ideas and motivations to drive you in the coming week. Happy blessed weekend.
  4. I pray that you’ll be provided all that is required to make your weekend a wonderful one worth having. Happy blessed weekend.
  5. I pray that the beauty of the weekend overshadows your heart and soul, and I wish you enjoy peace and happiness in overflow. Happy weekend.
  6. It doesn’t matter what you encountered the past week; this weekend offers you the opportunity to think back and reflect on the week’s achievements and failures. It offers you a great avenue to reflect and re-strategize on how to improve on your flaws and move forward. Therefore, I pray that you’ll encounter the grace and self-control to be truthful in evaluating your future projects. I wish you a very wonderful weekend.
  7. I pray that you and your entire household and loved ones will not be consumed this weekend. Have a blissful weekend.
  8. This weekend shall bring an end to all disappointments and backwardness in your life. I pray that the weekend shall breed numerous positive surprises. I wish you all the best this weekend.
  9. I pray that every of your encounter this weekend draws you nearer to achieving your dreams. I wish you a very joyful weekend.
  10. I pray that God will deal with all your fears and sorrowful heart this weekend. Henceforth, your peace will flow like a river. Enjoy a blissful weekend.
  11. This weekend, I pray that you keep on maximizing to great effect the grace of God on your life. I pray that your oil never runs dry. Happy weekend to you.
  12. I pray that this weekend shall be a start to the accomplishment of all of God’s purpose and program for your life. Have a fulfilled and exceptional weekend.
  13. I pray that this weekend, you’ll enjoy the fullness of God’s grace, and you’ll swim in the ocean of everlasting joy. Have a lovely weekend.

Have a Blessed Weekend Prayers.

Have a Blessed Weekend Prayers

  1. I pray this weekend to bring an end to your sorrows and the beginning of your joy. Have a blessed weekend.
  2. I pray that the Lord will cover you and everybody around you in his bosom this weekend and forever. I pray he satisfies you with your heart’s desires. Have a fruitful weekend.
  3. May the peace that you’ll experience be like a river, and May you be favored everywhere you go, and all-around blessings shall be your portion this weekend. Happy weekend to you.
  4. I pray that as you count your blessings, and name them one by one, you will find many things to be grateful for. I pray that your heart will experience so much joy and your mouth filled with praises. Happy weekend.
  5. I pray that this weekend brings for you positive surprises and you shall soar higher than your expectations. Have a blessed weekend.
  6. I pray that you shall overcome every difficulty, glide through every situation, and win every battle. Do have a blessed weekend.
  7. I pray that the encounters of the previous week transform into an amazing, blissful weekend for you. Have a blessed weekend.
  8. May His banner over you be love and may you be under his sovereign grace. Enjoy a blissful weekend.
  9. I pray that this weekend the Lord’s countenance will shine upon you, and you will excel in everything you do. Have a blessed weekend.
  10. Weekends are meant for rest. Therefore, I pray that you shall enjoy true rest accompanied by absolute peace. May you be blessed and happy weekend.
  11. I pray that as you enjoy the weekend, may you experience peace like a river and the joy of the Lord will continue to be your strength. Do have a blissful weekend.
  12. I pray that the favor of the Lord will envelop you and by His grace, you shall swim in the ocean of success this weekend.
  13. I pray that this weekend every weapon that fashioned against you shall not prosper and any tongue that rises against you in judgment shall be condemned. The Lord shall go ahead of you and behind you, and you are sure of His safety. Have a fruitful weekend.
  14. I pray that all you have labored for in the previous week yield abundance and pave a way for greater success in the upcoming week and forever. Have a joyful weekend.
  15. May the work of your hands announce you to the world, and you shall sit among kings and queens and not with mere men. I wish you a successful weekend.
  16. I urge you this weekend to remain fearless amid your adversities, as the Lord Himself will rise and fight for you. He will always go before you, with you, and after you. A happy blessed weekend to you.

Have a Happy Weekend Prayer Message.

Have a Happy Weekend Prayer Message

  1. I pray that God’s strength will overshadow your weaknesses. I pray you to gain His all-around protection. Do have a blissful weekend.
  2. May you be clothed with the garment of excellence, and may you stand tallest amongst your age grades. God will never allow you to be put to shame and will bless you. Happy weekend.
  3. I pray that your weekend will be garnished with every bright and beautiful thing. I pray that your life and home will be designed with praise. Have a lovely weekend.
  4. I pray that this weekend God will control your every move into favor and glorious manifestations. Happy blessed weekend.
  5. I pray that this weekend, the heavens will smile on you. You shall encounter blessings and favors overflow. Enjoy your weekend.
  6. I pray that like a pack of cards, all the projections of your foes against your life shall fall. All evil thoughts against your life shall not succeed. Happy weekend.
  7. As you approach this weekend, I pray that it shall be with joy and your earnest desires shall be met. Your disappointments shall turn into appointments for you. Do have a joyful weekend.
  8. I pray that every one of your efforts of the previous week is rewarded with a nice, blissful weekend. Happy glorious weekend.
  9. You shall be in the good thoughts of God this weekend, and may He have all your genuine prayers answered. May He wipe all your tears and replace your heart with happiness and heartfelt thanksgiving. Have a lovely weekend.
  10. I pray that this weekend even when others are saying there is a casting down, you shall be testifying a lifting up in your life. May you have success in every ramification of your life and everyone will be amazed at your success. Enjoy your weekend.
  11. May this weekend mark the beginning of the fulfillment of your long-awaited miracle that even your foes will celebrate with you on your immense success. All is well with you and everything that concerns you. Enjoy your blessed weekend.
  12. This weekend and in the upcoming weeks. I pray that God will lift you. Happy blessed weekend.

Happy Weekend Prayer for My Friends.

Happy Weekend Prayer for My Friends

  1. I pray that this weekend every thought and meditation of your heart will take you to a success-filled week. Have a blissful weekend.
  2. May you never fall, May you never fail. May the angels hold you up in their arms and protect you from any harm. May you be as Mount Zion, which can never be moved. Happy blessed weekend, my friend.
  3. I pray that this weekend shall come with lots of good news, and all you shall hear is a noise of celebration all-around your home. Happy weekend dear.
  4. I pray that God will wipe out every one of your troubles and tears. Shame and reproach shall be very far from your dwelling. It shall always be well with you. Happy weekend my dearest friend.
  5. May all you touch be blessed, and you shall be blessed in your going out and coming in. Enjoy a glorious weekend my friend.
  6. I pray that this weekend, the joy of the Lord will manifest in your dwelling. I pray that your body, soul, and spirit be healthy always. Happy weekend my dear.
  7. I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you. He will continue to cause his face to shine on you and will give you peace, health, and prosperity. Happy peaceful and memorable weekend dear.
  8. May all the prayers you made to God this weekend be granted quick reply, and may God’s name continually be glorified and honored in your life. Enjoy a blissful weekend my friend.
  9. I pray that this weekend and forever that God’s favor will envelop you. Enjoy a blissful weekend.
  10. This weekend, you shall work in the valley and shadow of death, yet no evil will come near you, because the mighty God will rise and deliver you. May you have a triumphant weekend.
  11. I pray that this weekend shall be a springboard to take you to the apex of your life. Happy blessed weekend my friend.
  12. I pray that this weekend shall breed beautiful and fruitful thoughts. Enjoy your weekend dear.
  13. I decree real peace and joy upon your life this weekend and forever. Happy glorious weekend my friend.
  14. I declare this weekend that no power of your foes will succeed upon your life, because God shall form a shield of protection all around you. Enjoy your weekend dear.
  15. This weekend shall be a period of rejoicing and singing songs of praise. May you have a stress-free weekend.

Have A Blessed Weekend Blessing Prayer.

Have A Blessed Weekend Blessing Prayer

  1. I pray that you enjoy a memorable positive weekend. I decree that every one of your expectations shall come to pass. God bless you this weekend and always.
  2. I pray that honest friends and people will surround you this weekend and forever. Enjoy your weekend.
  3. I pray that as you rest for the weekend, all your troubles shall be settled and every tear in your eyes will be dried. You shall gain beauty for your ashes, and your joy shall last forever. Have a blessed weekend.
  4. I pray that all the joy and blessings that will come your way this weekend touch every life close to you. Have a blessed weekend.
  5. I decree that you shall be surrounded by smooth-sailing relationships and friends that genuinely care about you. Have a weekend blast.
  6. I pray that this weekend, you shall behold lots of possibilities that await you. Happy weekend.
  7. I pray that God will keep you all through this weekend. He shall renew your strength and re-energize you for the upcoming week. Have a blessed weekend.
  8. I decree this weekend that all your effort shall produce amazing results. Happy weekend.
  9. I pray that this weekend shall breed lots of achievements for you to be proud of. Have fun.
  10. This weekend, every mountain that stands before you shall be made a plain, and every valley shall be filled up. No sorrow shall be heard of in your life. Have a victorious weekend.
  11. I pray that this weekend shall be miraculous in all your ways. You are blessed.
  12. This weekend is accompanied by lots of blessings for you. It shall create an avenue for more successes in the upcoming weeks and forever. Remain blessed.
  13. Your disappointments and frustrations of the previous weeks shall be replaced by blessings and favor this weekend and always. Enjoy a lovely weekend and stay blessed.
  14. I pray that because of God’s blessings upon your life, you will not remember all the sufferings of the past weeks. May everybody around you continuously shout for joy. Have a success-filled weekend.
  15. I pray that all your heart desires and prayers for the weekend will be fulfilled. Happy glorious weekend.
  16. I pray that the Lord will go before you and conquer every one of your challenges this weekend. Happy blessed weekend.
  17. I decree that goodness and mercy shall certainly be your lot and accompany you this weekend and all the days of your life in Jesus’ name. Enjoy your weekend.
  18. As you relax from the stress of the previous week, I pray your heart will find genuine peace and relaxation, for you truly deserve it. Have a blessed weekend.
  19. I pray that the light of God shines through your life forever, and you shall never walk in darkness. I pray that you shall continue to walk with a stand-out purpose. Have a great weekend.
  20. I pray that all requests to God shall be granted quick response, as the Lord will hearken unto your cries and grant your heart’s desires. Enjoy a pleasurable weekend.
  21. This weekend, with wings as the eagle, you shall soar above every one of your cares and burdens, over shame and tribulations. Have a fun-filled weekend.
  22. This weekend, your heart shall be joyful, and your soul cheerful. Sorrow shall not be found anywhere near you. Happy glorious weekend.
  23. You shall not experience any tears and pain. This weekend shall bring joy and peace to your life. Enjoy a great weekend.
  24. This weekend, the Lord will control your every move and into everything good and great. Happy weekend.
  25. I pray that this week you shall reap bountifully the rewards of your labor. Happy weekend.
  26. It doesn’t matter what your foes think about it, you shall continue to shine. Happy beautiful weekend.
  27. With the shadow of His wings, God shall protect you, and secure you and your loved ones. Happy beautiful weekend.
  28. Every evil agenda of your foes upon your life shall fail because the Lord will cause you to outsmart all their devices. Your victory over them is sure. Have a great and blessed weekend.

Final Conclusion.

The world is no longer a safe place to live in, as there is a continuous rise of evil among men. However, with prayers and belief in God, you will scale through, spiritually, physically, financially, and in all ramifications of your life. With fervent prayers, you are assured a peaceful and joyful weekend.

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