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The human body is wired in a way that if there is a disorder our brain alerts us that something is not right with our body system which most times results in sickness. This usually happens when some causal of sicknesses like germs, viruses, bacteria, and so many other unwanted matters enter into our body due to some unhealthy way of living.

Majorly sickness is caused by infectious and non-infectious diseases which are communicable and non-communicable and they can be contacted through the air we breathe, food, and the drink we consume, they can also be contacted through touching virus-infected surfaces, while some of the sicknesses humans suffer are hereditary.

romantic get well soon text message

Medication is one of the ways in which human uses to treat or cure themselves whenever they fall ill, but aside from medication, an ill patient needs love and affection in fact they need some words of encouragement to help them recover fast from illness most especially when you are not living close to them.

You can tell them some nice stories, jokes, romantic words, and lots more through text messages, Whatsapp messages, Poems, etc. But the question is which words are right for me to say to an ill patient, you may have some nice words to say, sometimes those words may sound nice to you or to someone else who is not ill, but to a sick person, they may sound offensive or derailing.

So having considered this, though some carried out researches we carefully choose these romantic, lovely, inspiring get well soon messages for your loved ones or lover.

Lovely, Romantic, and Inspiring get well soon messages for your lover.

Lovely Get Well Soon Messages.

get well soon messages for friend

♥. Baby, I know your body needs rest, but lying down in that sickbed is not fit for the most beautiful creature I have ever known. Please darling get well soon.

♥. Boring is life for me without you by my side. Please get well soon my Angel.

♥. Sweetie my lips are hot very hot to kiss away that cold in your body. Get well soon.

♥. Even though you are ill, one thing I am certain of is this. That you’re still the cutest babe ever. Get well soon.

♥. My knees are down praying for your quick recovery baby. Get well soon babe.

♥. beautiful angel looking at your face gives me joy, but remember angels don’t’ fall sick please get well soon my angel.

♥. It’s well with you my source of joy and happiness, please get well soon because since you became ill, I have no joy in me.

♥. If More care is what you need baby am ready to give you all of me. Get well soon my love.

♥. Baby, I’m missing your warm embrace because it keeps me going in life. Please get well soon my love.

♥. My Angel, I miss everything about you, your kind words, touch, and soft tender body I miss them all. Please get well soon angel.

♥. Sweetie, please get well soon am getting jealous of those tiny things called germs they are taking the time we should be enjoying together. Get well soon my sweetheart.

♥. My precious one, I’m on my knees praying for you daily. please get well soon Baby.

♥. Sweetheart if touches can make you recover fast am ready to touch you day and night because am getting jealous of the nurses and doctors that are touching your body, please sweetie, my heartbeat, get well soon before I die of jealousy.

♥. You are constantly clouding my thoughts, and every time, always, the thought of you comes to my mind, in my dream, all I see is you. Please get well soon my sweetie my heart longs for you.

♥. Pretty I don’t know the right word to say to you, but am ready to be with you until you recover. please get well soon My love.

♥. My goddess your body is my temple of love it doesn’t belong in the hospital bed please get well soon I want to start worshipping again.

♥. Sweetie when I look into your eyes all I see is paradise, your love has taken me too far, and nothing I repeat nothing, can change my love for you, quickie recovery is what wish you, baby.

♥. I feel the pain you are going through right now, those injections and bitter pills administered to you, but my love for you will forever remain stronger, sweeter, and better than anything else. Baby get well soon.

♥. Only angels are always beautiful at any given time or condition and nothing can take away beauty from an angel, not even sickness. Truly, you are an angel sent to me by the Most High God. Please get well soon sweetie.

♥. Angels don’t fall sick, they just take a little break or rest and I know that is what my angel is doing right now, though the doctor says she’s sick, I don’t believe that because I know my angel is getting better. Please get well soon angel of my life.

♥. My love you know I can’t live without you by my side since you became ill is like the world is turning against me, I’m ready to stay with you until you get better, please get well soon baby.

♥. I remember the first kiss you gave to me that changed my thought, I still remember how tender and soft are your lips. Remember the first time we met darling, what I said to you and your response to me and I think that the memory of me and you can make you feel better. Please get well soon my love.

♥. My light, my love, and my world are down on this sick bed, please recover fast baby you are my everything I can’t live without you.

♥. They say “birds of the same feather flocks together”, but I say lovers of the same mind live together, Baby please get well soon I can’t live without you

♥. It pains me seeing my love lying down on the sickbed, whereas my bed is meant for you sweetie, recover fast baby I want you lying next to me on my bed, not on this sickbed. Please get well soon baby.

Get Well Soon Messages for Her.

Get Well Soon Messages for Her

♦. Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy my love, no illness can wither my love for you. I pray that you get well soon sweetheart. Can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.

♦. Baby since you became ill, I now understand what it is like because I constantly feel like a sheep left alone in the valley. Please recover fast my angel.

♦. My epitome of beauty. You still look beautiful even on the sickbed, but I prefer to see your beautiful face on my bed not on that hospital bed. Please beauty get well soon am waiting.

♦. My love, I am here thinking about you all day long. Sweetie, this illness has turned me into a philosopher. Please my Sun, My Heart Code gets well soon I miss you.

♦. Baby no amount of love portion could work on me like the way am missing and loving you more since you fell ill. Please sweetie recover fast before I fall ill.

♦. Whenever I look into your eyes all I see is paradise, since you became ill other girls have been perching around like flies forming as if they love me, but I know they are telling lies, because the love we have for each other is far beyond the skies. No other can take your place baby. please recover fast my one and only lover.

♦. Get well soon princess and take your place my soul longs for your love daily.

♦. Like a sheep without shepherd that’s how I feel since you fell ill. Please my lovely shepherd, recover fast baby life seems meaningless without you by my side.

♦. Just like the fish can’t live on dry land so I can’t live without you by my side, loving you gives me joy, energy and life. Please get well soon my love.

♦. You are the queen amongst thousands of ladies, nothing can bring you down not even illness. Get well soon my queen your throne awaits you.

♦. My love you have made my heart your home, you have ravished my heart with your tender love. Come back home please, the hospital is no home for you. Get well soon my love.

♦. Sweetie, loving you is the greatest investment I had ever made in life, please get well soon my treasure.

♦. Please get well soon baby, am falling ill too, you staying close to me makes me healthy.

♦. The most beautiful creature I know is ill, no wonder everything around me is not looking so nice, please get well soon baby you are my essence of life.

♦. Baby you will smile, shine and rise again, no illness and nothing can stop you. Get well soon sweetie you are unstoppable.

♦. My prayer to God for your sake is that his healing hands rest upon you, and deliver you from all the pains, illness, and aches you are going through. I love you, sweetie.

♦. If prayers are pills, I think I have done that over, but I know your healing is now because I had made you some cakes waiting for your arrival darling. Please get well soon and be home.

♦. Baby, please get well soon I miss your smile and kisses. There’s no HOME without you. I felt like a stranger in the house because you’re not here.

♦. My love illness had suspended your smiles from me for a while, but am coming right away to the hospital to make you smile. Get well soon my love

♦. It pains me that the cutest girl in town is laying down on the sickbed. Please get well soon honey.

♦. Baby I know you are ill and the doctors and nurses are taking good care of you, but am on my way to give you the very best prescription filled with kisses and a warm embrace. Get well soon my love.

Inspiring Get Well Soon Messages.

Inspiring Get Well Soon Messages

#1. Baby, I can’t imagine how your curvy body is laying down on the hospital bed am getting jealous already. Please get well soon my love.

#2. My love, please get well soon before I die of jealousy, am getting jealous seeing how those male doctors are privileged to touch you because of illness. Please get well soon sweetie I miss you.

#3. It pains me how this tiny ugly thing called germs could keep my baby on this hospital bed. Get well soon my lovely princess.

#4. Baby if your body needs more rest am ready to give you more, if it needs another bed, I can buy you more but laying down on this hospital bed isn’t right for you. Please get well soon honey I miss you.

#5. My queen ever since you left your palace due to illness am getting confused and ill too. Please get well soon and let’s rule together forever.

#6. Darling take care, you are strong, safe, and healthy nothing can break you, just have a little rest am on my way to take you home.

#7. My heart bleeds as your body bleeds, my tea no longer tastes sweet as you take those bitter pills, those injections administered to you pain my heart. Please baby get well soon.

#8. Baby how I wish am a doctor, so I can ONLY care for you and to no other patient, because you mean everything to me, please get well soon my darling.

#9. Sweetie I’m on my way to see you, be strong and courageous you are healthier and safer than they think. Quick! Recovery is what I wish you.

#10. Day and night I pray for you my darling, please recover fast your stay in the hospital is bordering my heart.

#11. Please honey, am waiting for you to come back home safely and healthy am missing you, and words can’t explain how I feel right now about you baby. I wish you a quick recovery.

#12. Waking up without you by my side makes me weak, sweetie. Please get well soon and revive me.

#13. No matter what comes our way baby be it illness or whatever, one thing I know for sure is that you are the reason why am in love. Get well soon sweetie.

#14. Sickness has separated my lover from me but nothing can separate the love I have for you. Please get well soon baby am ready to love you for forever.

#15. My love ever since you fell ill friends and family has been asking me what is wrong with me and I said nothing, but I know within me that am not emotionally sound. Please get well soon honey before I die of loneliness.

#16. Baby, please get well soon baby you are the love of life the only reason why I wake up with smiles in the morning.

#17. My angel I feel lonely at home, am coming right away to stay with you in the hospital till you get better soon.

#18. Miraculous healing from heaven is what I wish you, baby. Get well soon my dear.

#19. Sweetie, I think I need a bed close to yours am falling ill too. Get well soon, please.

#20. There is time for everything on earth, time to laugh, and time to be sad, but between us, there is no time to be sad, baby. Please get well soon.

Romantic Get Well Soon Messages.

get well soon messages for lovers

  • No matter what comes or will come your way baby am right here for you. Please get well soon.
  • Baby sickness may try to make you sad, remember this baby, your smile can raise the dead. Get well soon baby the world awaits your smiling face.
  • Sweetie, You are like the star that shines in the dark, not even sickness can quench your light arise and shine baby.
  • In the morning I pray for you and in the evening, I think about you, in my dreams I see you holding my hands. Please baby get well soon I can’t wait to see you healthy again.
  • Princess to me you are worth more than gold, and you are closer to me than my skin and also the reason why my heartbeats. Please get well soon am losing energy.
  • I’ve been thinking about how much you mean to me, and I want you to know that you mean the world to me. Please get well soon darling the world seems empty to me without you by my side.
  • My prayer for you, is good health forever, but it seems like your body needs rest baby just take enough rest. I’m coming right away to take you home.
  • Sweetie if you need more care am ready to be your nanny. Please get better soon the hospital bed isn’t for you baby.
  • My angel I know pills are bitter and injections hurts but they are administered to help you recover fast. Please get well soon I fell your pains in my heart.
  • Strong goddess sickness has laid you down like a sheep wanting for help, revive baby and be strong like the goddess you are.
  • Like a sheep on trouble water you lie helpless on that sick bed, am on way baby to energize your body and soul with hot kisses. Get well soon baby.
  • Going through surgery is very painful and fearful, but glory to God, you made it through, baby am on my way to be with you in the hospital until you get better and I pray you get better soon.
  • My life seems empty because you aren’t here to fill me with your love, kindness and joy but I will do my best to express my love for you baby please get well soon. I miss you, my love.
  • Medication can only take care of the body but my love longs for your heart and your soul. Please recover fast my love.
  • No germ in this world can hold you on the sick bed, because my love for you is stronger than any germ, am coming to give you hot kisses on your lips that can kill any germ in this world. Get well soon baby.
  • Baby my love for you is so much, the pain you are feeling I feel it hundred times more, Baby please get well soon this pain is killing us slowly.
  • My heart bleeds seeing my first love laying down on this sick bed with bruises all over her body, take heart sweetie bad times doesn’t last forever.
  • The hottest girl in town is laying down for cold, baby am on way to give you hot kisses that can kill that cold. Baby hold on am coming to make you feel better.
  • Sweetie I can’t imagine that germ is attracted to your beautiful body and they want to live there, but baby am saying no to that thing called germs because nothing, I repeat nothing can share my love with you. Please get well soon baby.
  • My Queen, am willing to serve you forever please come back home and let your lovely servant serve you some hot kisses. Get well soon baby.
  • Baby as important as care and medication could be to a sick patient, that’s how important you are to me right now. I miss you baby please get well soon.
  • If resting on the hospital bed is what your body needs baby, I wish to be your doctor and the bed you will always rest on. Recover fast baby am missing you.
  • Honey, for better and for worse, in sickness and in pain, in any phase of life I’ll always be here with you, and now that you’re feeling sick, I still want you to know I’m always here for you, until when you get better. Please honey get well soon
  • Since you came into my life you brightened my path, but seeing you laying down on this sick bed, the future seems to be dark, and only you can brighten it once again. Please my love, get well soon and brighten my life.
  • Sweetie, I know you are the hottest girl but that doesn’t mean you should be ill with fever. I promise to take care of you like nanny, please get well soon.
  • Baby your body don’t need better medication but better love, neither do you need touches from the doctors and nurses but you need my touches baby. Please get well soon am hungry for your love
  • Darling you’ve always been there for me both in good times and in bad times now is my turn to do same and I promise never to live you lonely, am with you always till you get better baby.
  • It’s been a while we went out on strolling baby, am always proud to stroll with you on the road showing the world that my girlfriend is the prettiest in town. Get well soon my pride
  • The doctor said you are sick, but for me baby your body is having some rest and also preparing to show forth the beauty within you. get well soon am waiting to behold your beauty.
  • Baby if love could cure sickness am willing to give you doses of love. Recover fast baby.
  • What is the meaning of life without you by my side, and what is the meaning of love without loving someone like you, sweetie you are the perfect meaning of lovely living to me. Please get well soon my love.
  • My love for you my angel started with me appreciating your physical beauty, then it grows to appreciate your inward beauty, no illness can quench my love for you baby. Please get well soon my angel.

Final Conclusion.

We believe that these are the best collection of Lovely, Romantic, and Inspiring get well soon messages for your lover can help her recover fast from sickness, aside from medication she also needs these romantic words of affection to express your love to her.

You can pick or choose from any of these quotes, these words can be sent to your lover via SMS or various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and lots more.


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