Feeling Alone Quotes (100+ Feeling Lonely Quotes In English)

Feeling Alone Quotes: Staying lonely is something we’ve all experienced at one point in our life. The truth is that not everyone wants to be alone and it hurts most people when they find their selves in a lonely state. Although, there are some people who prefer staying completely alone and enjoying their own company.

In most cases, feeling alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lonely and theirs no one around. Sometimes you can still feel lonely even in a room filled with people. The feeling of loneliness creeps in when you think no one truly cares about you.

In a situation where you don’t enjoy being lonely, below are some uplifting feeling alone quotes that will help you cope with the feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Meanwhile, if you fall under the category of those who enjoy their own company, you will also find a number of quotes that will help represent those amazing feelings that you get when you are alone.

Feeling Alone Quotes

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Are you feeling lonely and also in short of words that can help you express the way you feel? Don’t worry because our collection of feeling alone quotes below will help you translate those thoughts of yours into words. Below is a number of quotes and sayings that you can use to express the exact way you feel when you are alone.

  • It’s better to be alone than be with people who hurt you all the time.
  • For me, staying lonely is the hardest thing to do on earth.
  • Loneliness is not about people being around you. You can be in the midst of the crowd and still feel lonely.
  • I wear my smile at all times so no one would be able to figure out how lonely and sad I really feel inside.
  • I don’t like losing important people in my life, but they seems to be the first to bid me goodbye.
  • Being lonely is not the absence of people around you, it’s the feeling that no one truly cares for you.
  • Behind my fake smile is a lonely heart patiently waiting for someone cheer up.
  • I feel lonely when others hate on me, but it seems worst when I start hating myself.
  • That moment when loneliness is the only person you can rely on and anxiety happens to be your only true friend.
  • Someday, I want to get comfortable with being alone so that I don’t necessarily have to get all that lonely anymore.
  • Take a break once in a while to a beautiful place alone. This is just to figure out everything.
  • Whenever you feel alone, just remember that it’s during the season of isolation and loneliness that the caterpillar gets its wings.
  • Any soul that has been able to experience beauty sometimes walk alone.
  • Staying alone is not what makes you lonely. The loneliest thing in the world is being surrounded by the wrong people.
  • Staying alone is one of the best feelings in the world. I think you should try it sometimes.
  • I thought staying alone was the worst feeling in the world. But, it’s not. The worst feeling is staying around people who makes you feel lonely.
  • Most times you just need to stay away from people in order to spend more time alone to appreciate, experience, and love yourself.
  • The only person that can bring you perfect peace is your own self.
  • There’s a place where I go to stay alone, and it’s inside myself; a place where I renew my springs which never runs dry.
  • Any man who doesn’t love solitude does not love freedom. It’s only when a man is alone, that he’s truly free.

Feeling Lonely and Sad Quotes With Pictures

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If your own state of loneliness is accompanied by sadness, then go through our wide collection of feeling sad and lonely quotes with images. You don’t even need to talk when you want to let your family, friends and followers know how lonely you feel. All you have to do is pick any of the sayings or quote that best represent how lonely you feel and post it either on your WhatsApp, FaceBook, or Twitter account.

  • That moment when all your anger suddenly turns into sad tears.
  • I didn’t gave up, all I want is to rest a bit and see if you even care about me just a bit.
  • All precious and great things are lonely.
  • “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ― Maya Angelou
  • You’re bound to be lonely if you are different.
  • I may not be much but I’m all that I have.
  • If you can smile when you’re lonely, then you really mean it.
  • I recently find my own company more suitable for me than when I’m around others.
  • A broken relationship is capable of making you feel more single than when you were single.
  • Sometimes, I think the pain I feel is a big reminder that I am still alive.

It’s Okay To Be Alone Quotes

Feeling Alone Quotes

If you think staying or feeling lonely is completely a bad thing, then you need to think again. Below are some interesting quotes that lets you know it’s still okay to be all by yourself.

  • You better stay alone than allow people who ain’t going anywhere keep you down.
  • Loneliness is the lack of purpose and not the lack of company.
  • When you look on others for fulfillment, only then you will never truly be fulfilled.
  • The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Be careful which one of them you choose.
  • The man who follows the crowd doesn’t go further than the crowd. But the man who walks alone may likely get to places no one has ever been before.
  • Whatever makes you exceptional, that’s if you are at all, is the same thing which makes you lonely.
  • When I’m with others, I want to be alone, then when I’m alone, I want to be with others.
  • Normal men don’t like solititude. But the master uses it, embracing His aloneness, and realizing He’s one with the entire universe.
  • Solitude is the richness of self, loneliness is the poverty of self.
  • Feeling lonely is fine. Buut forever staying that way is not. Maxime Lagacé
  • You can never know yourself if you are never alone.
  • There’s nothing outside of yourself, all that you want is within you, all you’ve to do is look inside of you – You’re That.
  • Every human alive has one way or the other felt this kind of hopelessness, loneliness, and pain at one time or the other. This shared pain and struggle is what connects us all.
  • The worst part of holding to a memory is not actually the pains it brings but the loneliness. Memories actually needs to be shared.
  • Never say that you alone. God is always within as well as your genius inside of you.
  • Don’t let your enviroment place a hold on you. Consciously rise to the level of your ideals.
  • It’s so lovely and surprising to discover how unlonely being alone can be.
  • If you’re scared of being lonely, then try not to be right.
  • If you like the person you are with, then you’ll never be lonely.
  • The act of judging anybody seperates you from that person. Humans are used to constantly judging something.

Inspirational Feeling Alone Quotes

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Not everyone feels bad when they are alone. As a matter of fact, most people enjoy staying alone with just themselves. But should in a case you are the type who don’t enjoy staying or feeling alone, below are some inspirational feeling alone quotes that can help you become stronger whenever you’re alone.

  • Sometimes I feel like loneliness is my only friend.
  • I don’t mind being alone, provided I’m not part of the crowd.
  • I would rather stay lonely than be hurt by the ones I trust the most.
  • Sleep is my only escape from the reality which seems to kill me from within.
  • Sometimes we cry not because we are weak but because we’ve been too strong for a while.
  • Do you know what hurts? The truth, only for a short time, but lies is worst because it hurts for a lifetime.
  • I feel so lonely knowing that no one in this world will ever love and care for me the way you used to.
  • Hold on to the pains, someday you’ll see how strong you’ve become as a result of the pains.
  • Sometimes all I want is someone to reachout their hands to me and tell me everything is going to be fine.
  • The worst part of being lonely is that when people notice you’re alone, and then you begin to get a pity party.
  • The heart is the most important part of your body, never give it to anyone who wouldn’t take proper care of it.
  • Staying alone sometimes can be hard, but it’s a lot better than being envied, hurt, hated and blamed.
  • That lonely moment when you are watching your life fall apart and you can hardly do anything about it.
  • Loneliness is so cruel because it makes one feels like they are all by themselves.
  • Do you know that being alone and being lonely are two different things that are so far fetched from each other.
  • Loneliness can be scary sometimes but it’s the only company I have.
  • Loving you when I know I’ll never have you is my greatest pain.
  • Don’t shut your eyes because no one is looking at you, don’t shut your mouth because no one is listening to you, and don’t stop reaching out because no one wants to hold your hand.
  • Leaving me alone is going to be the worst mistake of your life. It’s obvious that I love you more than he ever will.
  • Maybe I’m not really sad, or maybe the reason I feel lonely is because all the friends around me are simply here because they all want something from me.

Quotes To Help You Feel Better When You’re Alone

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Below are some amazing feeling alone quotes that has been provided to let you feel better and also lets you know that someone out here completely understands what you are going through. No matter what you feel, the good thing is that there’re advantages of staying alone.

First of all, you get to know yourself better and secondly you feel more relaxed whenever you are alone. Below are some quotes to better whenever you feel lonely.

  • There’s absolutely nothing abnormal about loneliness or trying to be alone.
  • The more I get older, the more I get more comfortable being alone.
  • Being with someone and still feeling lonely is the worst feeling ever.
  • Being alone can be scary but nobody can inflict pain on you, I think it’s much better that way.
  • Most of the rich people always seems to be lonely for it’s true that money will not always buy you everything, especially happiness.
  • Being lonely happens to be inevitable; it’s a stage of life everyone must go through so don’t be scared of it.
  • If you can’t bear to be alone, then it means you don’t value your relationship you have from birth to death – Relationship with yourself.
  • Only a strong person can stand alone in a would full of people accustomed to settling for anything just to say they have something.
  • You actually don’t have to answer to anybody when you’re alone. You do whatever you want. And, that’s the best part of it all.
  • I feel so broken and I don’t really don’t know what to do about it.

Final Opinion

Staying alone is not all bad, even though it’s true that most people fall under depression when they start feeling lonely. The bitter truth is that not everybody truly cares about you, and you will not always have people around you.

There’re times what you need is to sit all by yourself and just enjoy your alone time or reflect about your life and even have enough time to discover yourself. Staying alone can help you become more relaxed and offer you a better mental health.

But, if staying alone is not your thing, I still hope you enjoyed the list of alone quotes above. And I hope they were able to speak your mind and amplify your lonely thoughts?

Use the comment section below if you have any question, suggestion and contribution as pertaining the topic we just treated.

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