Abuja Ashawo Joints: Top 10 Hottest Places to See Naija Girls and Ashawo

When it comes to the places in Nigeria with the Naija hottest girls, I think FCT Abuja should be the first on this list. Thanks to the University of Abuja, there are countless numbers of beautiful girls and Ashawo in Abuja searching for Me.

Do you know that ashawo and sugar babes are now called insurance or assurance all over the countries in Africa, thanks to the Song, “Assurance” By Davido.

If you’re interested in checking or knowing the best and hottest Abuja ashawo joints, you have come to the right place. Here on this page, I will be sharing with you, the most popular Ashawo joints in Abuja that provides you with opportunities to meet pretty ladies that might want to have fun with you then get a token in return.


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If you know, you know.


This is the word mostly used in today’s world, and it sounds so professional and high class, whereas it simply means hmmm girls or Ashawo girls.

In this article, I will be sharing with you, the most popular but hidden joints to spot fresh and pretty Naija babes, sugar mummies, ashawo, or girls interested in having fun with you without any attachments involved.

Today on this list of Insurance joints in Abuja, I will be sharing only the most famous hotels in Abuja where you can easily spot ashawo to hang out with and have fun.


This is absolutely one of the easiest things you can achieve in this city. If you are visiting Abuja for the first time, in all honesty, you will be stunned by the beautiful architectural buildings mounted at the federal capital of Nigeria. It is home to Millionaires, Politicians and at the same time plays host to all pretty girls in Nigeria looking to make a living.

The most amazing thing about Abuja is the nightlife. Nightlife in Abuja is somewhat fun and usually an unforgettable night for the first-timers.


If you’re looking for joints where you can easily and quickly meet ashawo in Abuja FCT, then get in here. In Abuja, there is two class of Naija girls.

There is the high class and low-class ashawo and it all depends on your budget or like it’s said locally Money fo pocket. Do you need Naija ashewo girl’s phone numbers, Abuja ashewo photos or Looking for high classic babes in FCT Abuja? Then I’ll advise you to quickly check the joints which are mentioned below.


• gidan karuwe Abuja
• Chris garden Abuja
• prostitutes in kubwa Abuja
• Cheap ashawo in Chris garden jabi Abuja
• Red light districts in Abuja
• Meet ashawo joints in kubwa

Important Note

It is very important that I point this one out here. Once you get to any of these joints mentioned below, you need to be careful. These joints are mostly frequent by rich men, so security is usually tight. These security men will chase and collect money from some of these girls to stay around these joints.

If you are caught with them, they might detain you too. So ply your trade there with care.

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