9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

I think waiting, and eagerly praying for a man to notice you, or chase after you is so outdated. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from inciting the interest in him and seeing him start doing the chasing as if it’s his own idea in the first place. Are you aware of the 9 texts to get him chasing you?

If you are determined but don’t know where to start, Welcome to GirlsNewsPaper, where we discuss women’s power and share tips from various writers in giving women confidence in our today’s world. I have gathered and compiled the top working 9 texts to get him chasing you, and I will also share a few tricks with you when it comes to texting a guy you like.

9 texts to get him chasing you

One little secret ladies don’t understand is this:

Confident Men chase mysterious and confident women the most, the type of women that don’t get ‘caught’ easily because they want to feel that someone strong is fighting for them.

So, the whole point of these suggestive 9 texts to get him chasing you is to give him a subtle hint that you’re interested in him and leave the ball in his court. Guys are much easier to connect with than ladies.

Top 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You.

1. Guess what I dreamed about last night?

Some person may say this sound old school, but believe me that these ‘guess what’ types of text messages are the best way to tickle any man’s imagination and get him hooked. Most men love finding solutions, proving a point, which is why they’ll eagerly want to guess the right answer.

Sending him a guess what I dreamed of last night message will surely leave him wondering, and he’ll want to text you back to find out the answer.

Here is where you want to prolong the discussion and connect more with him. Don’t give him a direct answer immediately. You can leave him wondering a bit more and yes, it’s now left for you to make the entire conversation interesting and get him hooked up. That will make you more mysterious, but in an irresistible kind of way, which will definitely make him chase you.

2. Do you miss me as much as I do?

This is not just a suggestive question but has the potential to open a whole universe of discussions about love life, relationship, exes, etc. What you are actually doing here is telling him ‘I miss you’ but in a more cool and interesting way. This is also a subtle hint of you confessing your love to him.

The age of sending “I miss you” text messages are long gone, and honestly speaking, it’s plain boring and aged. Questions like this one will make him look deep into his life, and you may have a long discussion about his life, and he can even open up to you about his aspirations, e

3. Do You Know of Anyone Who You’re Constantly in their thoughts and heart?

I know you’re at work right now, but I just wanted to remind you that someone is thinking about you.

I think this is one of the sweetest little things we can do to show our loved ones love and show them that we appreciate their effort every day.

Sending him a message like this is giving him more than enough hint that you love him, and want him to think about you too. This message is purely sweet and will get him interested. The best time to send him this message is when you know he’s busy at work and don’t expect the communication to go on… but you simply wanted to tell him that you’re thinking about him.

That message shows him that you love him, and at the same time, understand his schedule. One traits guys love in their women is Love and Understanding. Those traits will show him that you’re a keeper and can make him chase you for sure.

4. Just thinking about you makes my imagination run wild.

One of the easiest and same-time hidden ways to heat things up via this text.

Guys are easily hooked up with anything they can see and are also good at visualization. Sending your man a text message that reads “just thinking about you makes my imagination run wild” is like sending an SOS message. Anywhere he is, Home becomes his #1 goal to reach, and Home is anywhere you are.

This type of message will most certainly boost your man’s ego and, more importantly, it’ll make him interested in those fantasies of yours that are running wild, just like I have previously said, it’s easier to get a guy’s attention.

But here’s a fair warning to you: Since you are the one who initiates this conversation, prepare yourself mentally, before sending him this text because your texting may turn into sexting.

5. Why Am I this interested in you?

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but do you know what I find irresistible about you?

Sending a guy the above message will ignite his desire in you, Majority of guys are hardly complimented, so sending him a message that you find him irresistible will automatically push his attention and focus towards you.

The fact is that the best way to get a man hooked is by complimenting him and pumping up his ego. His mind is likely interpreting this message that you find him funny, handsome, skillful, well-dressed, well-built, etc, and he will want to know where/what exactly you find irresistible about him.

This message is like a billboard sign to him, passing a crystal clear message that you’re into him.

6. Has anyone told you how sexy your eyes look when you laugh?

I can easily bet you this, he most likely might have NEVER received this type of compliment.

Nothing boost a guy’s ego like a genuine compliment Praising him will make him confident enough to chase you.

What you need to understand about complimenting someone isn’t over doing it. Because if you do, it likely will decrease the integrity and quality of your compliments. This may send a signall to him that you’re the one who is trying to chase him, and that, my dear, is when he’ll stop chasing you.

7. Hot Funny TEXT For Him.

My autocorrect keeps changing your name to hot. I think it’s onto something.

Amazing text that will truly get him to start noticing you and chase after you is sending him a hot funny text that will make him laugh. This text embedded the perfect way of telling him that you think he’s hot, handsome, or fun without actually saying all those words to him. That’s the whole point of this text.

What this text does is first, brings a big smile to his face, and like most good people, he’ll feel obliged to reciprocate the compliment. A guy who likes you, even a little and receives this text from you will come chasing after you.

To be honest here with you, if this  kinky-but-sweet sense of humor doesn’t make him chase you, the battle of trying to get him notice you and chase after you is likely lost.

8. Tell me three of your fantasies, and maybe I’ll make them come true.

Guys are the easiest to get sexting. Yes, because I have experienced it. You might casually be chatting and exchanging text, and his mind has gone haywire. Sending him a text that reads:

Tell me three of your fantasies, and maybe, if possible, I’ll make them come true“.

Here, you’re offering to be his naughty little genie, and the sky is his limit. But before using this text, let it be a guy you trust.

However, don’t forget the most powerful word here is “MAYBE”. You don’t go telling him you will do anything he ask you of… you’re just luring him to reveal those fantasies and saying that you’ll think about them and if its in your power, you can make it a reality.

Trust me, your man is going to chase you until you grant him those wishes/fantasies.

9. You Occupy My Mind.

My mind’s been running wild with naughty, naughty thoughts all day…and it’s all your fault.

Through this above text, this is you telling him that he’s occupying your thought, and that your thoughts aren’t all that pure. You are getting his charged and he will want to know what you mean, what he can do, how it’s his fault, etc. This is one of the best way to get him chasing you with text messages.

This message will definitely caught his attention, and he will certainly reply you. He’s going to look forward to your next date and hope that you’ll make those thoughts real. Be sure to be open with him, since you are the one that initiates the conversation.

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